Nov 26, 2012

Last post for the time being.. Probably the best story ever


This is the last post for the time being, because my neighbour is not surprising me anymore (though she keeps feeding me through the mailbox) and all the unusual things have become ordinary. Of course if I have something else to tell, I'll update the blog.. but not on a regular basis...

So take care in the meantime!! 

I have passed a tough month in all senses and what happened yesterday / today to me is not funny at all but I think you'll laugh as I am doing right now... Like a comedy! I am waiting for Groucho Marx or Tweety to show up in my living room in a moment!!!

Yesterday I was walking back home from the city centre, and at 17:45 I was attacked by a guy on the street. He yielled at me, run to get me, retained me for a couple of minutes and hit me 3 or four times..

(Of course there was no reason, the scary thing is that he was not even drunk, and I didn't understand anything because he was doing it in French)...

Well, that's the minor problem of the evening.. when he released me because there were a couple of persons approaching, I kept walking to leave the place and I called the police

- I tell them what happened
- they advice me to go to the police station
- I go to the police station, I ring the bell and I explain through the communicator what happened.
- they tell me to wait there (I am outside)
- A policeman comes, opens partially the door and asks me again what happened. (I am still outside)
- I repeat what happened and then he let me get in, he asks for my ID card and he dissappears.
- After 5 mins, he comes back and tells me "ohhhh we're sorry but we're quite busy at the moment so we cannot attend you... just go to the other police station, but wait 1 hour because they're quite busy as well."
- so I wait at the station for 1 hour and then I went to the other police station
- I ring the bell
- They ask me what happens and I tell them the whole story (which is increasing because I come already from the police station)
- then they tell me they already know the story because they just spoke to the policeman who opened me the door in the first police station BUT they ask me as well to leave because they are quite busy... 
- I was astonished.. they told me to try again (like a videogame) in a couple of hours or the following day

so I went today again to denounce it, directly to the second police station. 

I was asked what happened to you?? and I repeated the whole story.. so it was not there but on the third floor..

I go there.. "& wait with the rest of criminals" :).. 

after a while, they let me get inside and I tell the story again a couple of times.. and the policewoman kindly asks me "but do you wanna report it"???? 

- no, I am just at the police station to share my feelings and spend my time. How come!!!

so we write the report, and when it's finished and I am leaving, she advises me

"next time, if you see him again, call the police!".