Nov 30, 2011

Selection process

Dear all,

this “little adventure”, began with a phone call… a phone call from a wonderful headhunter who has opened for me the door of the universe.

After the phone call, suddenly, I was involved in an express selection process for a big enterprise in Luxembourg.

All the process was covered within two weeks. I had seven official interviews plus a ton of phone calls from the HR department which lead to the fact that almost every day I was interviewed more than once.
My record: four key interviews in a row at 15h, 16h, 17h and 18h, each one with a “big cheese”.

For those who haven’t realize of it, I must tell you, guys, that it’s very tiring and difficult speaking on the phone in a language different from your own mother tongue and answering picky technical questions for more than four – non-stop – hours.

It is not tough just due to the subject of the conversation or to the “castle” of illusions and expectations that appear in front of yourself, but due to the panic that you feel wondering whether the phone will have enough battery charge, whether the call quality will be good enough for you to hear and understand everything or whether the call will just drop.

So, to reach a lower degree of panic, avoid losing four pounds weight during each interview and not be frozen at the end of each interview, I must confess that since almost all the interviews were on the phone, I passed nearly all of them in bed under the blanket. It was the most comfortable place, with a good network connection, not too noisy and I could be plugged to the electric power!!!. :O) I highly recommend all of you that if you have the opportunity, be interviewed in bed :O).

Of course there were worse places than my bed where I was catched up to be interviewed (without prior notice) such as the bus, the waiting room of the doctor, underground or just while driving.

It is very funny because in the meantime I thought they were not interested in my application anymore due to a misunderstanding: it was suggested that I had to fly to Luxembourg (hereinafter “Luxi”) for the final interviews but after that suggestion, (nobody knows how it came up), a person from HR thought that had personal interest in going on a trip for the weekend to Luxi and take advantage of the enterprise allowance for me to be interviewed there. In the end, after many calls to figure out what was passing by the mind of this person and another thousand calls to explain that what this person was imagining, only happened in his / her mind… we finally decided to strike out for the last row of interviews on Skype.
This time I was wondering whether I should wear a complete suit or just the jacket and no pants. What was clear, for sure, was the location: the kitchen. It was the best place I found at home to “prepare” a proper decoration: blank background, good light, no hanging objects (so nothing that could lead to infer, without any foundation, anything wrong from me), and that’s what I did, and I succeeded!.

By the way… I was wearing pants!


Nov 20, 2011


Dear all,

I am starting a new life. This is the second time I move abroad, and I hope it is as successful as the previous one.
The idea of posting the remarkable events that happen to me on a blog is something that has pursued me from the very first time I knew I was moving: during my previous stay abroad I just sent periodically some funny e-mails to my friends and family. However, this time, the blog is already a fact and it, as my past "recurrent mailing" aims at sharing with all of you my impressions and feelings from my new "day to day".

Since I always keep the "funny version" of everything, I will try to write it down here all for your entertainment.

My best regards for everybody