Dec 21, 2011

First insights into Luxembourg (I): Reactions


I have to say that I expected a more supportive behavior from all my closest.

I could classify the reactions in this way:
  1. “Why? The weather there is horrible. Don’t do that!”
  2. “If it’s not convenient, don’t do it”
  3. “Well, I think that due to your current circumstances, it can be the right moment for you to do it”
  4. “Oh my God! You got it! When can I go there and visit you!!!”

And most of the reactions can be categorized among the three first ones.

I was really scared and motivated at the same time. This would suppose: leaving my parent’s and be independent, change job, change language, change country and move, all at the same time.

So I resigned my previous job and the run started.

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