Dec 21, 2011

First insights into Luxembourg (II): What to do first

Let me remind you that, normally, when one is carrying out a selection process, at the same time “has a life in progress”…

What I want to mean is that I had booked some holidays at the office (indeed I had a non-reimbursable plane ticket to visit Mexico for 10 days); I had a wedding of a friend of mine who, in addition to this, has been a colleague in the two companies I have worked for in Spain after being an intern; and, as a popular low cost Irish flying company would say during its advertisements, “and many more”.

So I started immediately to extend my “tentacles” to get to know how to start, where, when, and I contacted a couple of persons who were living in Luxi.

I got their advices and built up a list of the main things to be done or, at least, to be asked within less than one month:
  • resigning in my current employ,
  • renting a flat in Luxi,
  • opening a bank account,
  • inscription in the Spanish Embassy,
  • European Health Insurance Card,
  • inscription as a citizen,
  • electric power supply,
  • water supply,
  • telephone,
  • internet,
  • finishing the current telephone contract,
  • finding a moving company,
  • buying winter clothes,
  • listing the personal stuff that I wanted to take with me…
  • “and many more”.

Then, suddenly, I started being “a bit stressed”. How come! :O)

Starting with my list and being a gentleman with my bosses, I resigned in the best moment for the company instead of when it was more convenient for me, because I believe in some principles that lead me to be honest and not take advantage of any situation that leaves other persons / enterprises in a bad condition.

I must add that, in the end, they did not share “my code of ethics” which was as well the company’s one (in theory), and they misbehaved.

During my notice period I started gathering all the documents I would need to present in order to carry out in just one time all the stuff on the list. I am a very precise person and, to give you an idea of how I could be, I propose you in that the meantime watch this video, in which I would be the “blondie girl”. I’m sorry but the video audio is in Spanish. At least, this has English subtitles.


At the same time I visited all the websites and called all the real estate agencies in the world to find an apartment in Luxi. I did not know that only few apartments were available (according to my budget) and that the rotation index of them was that high: the ones that were available in the morning were not anymore in the evening, and so on. So, in Luxi, nobody can assure the availability of any apartment for more than a couple of days.

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