Dec 21, 2011

First insights into Luxembourg (IV): First day

This is my first day in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The following morning, we woke up very early because, (apart from the fact that we had 3 appointments with the same agency to visit their corresponding flats, were going on foot and didn’t know how much time we would need to reach the agency), the breakfast was served UNTIL 8:30 on weekdays (9:00 in the weekend: thank goodness for those hosts who stayed in the weekend!).

We were on time and Mr “agency” was not. When he arrived, asked us to keep waiting and finally he offered us 3 flats.

None of them fully met the conditions I wanted but since it was the purpose of the visit in Luxi, we decided to visit all of them.

  1. The first one was within my budget bucket, dirty, small, the kitchen in the “hall & living room” space and located in a big road a bit outside the city.
  2. The second one was new and beautiful but expensive, outside the city and the covered parking had a very steep ramp down, which is something to bear in mind in a country where it normally snows a lot and you have to remove your “private snow” every morning to be able to move your car.
  3. Finally, the third one was in Cents (at least in the city)… a bit expensive, not new but clean and acceptable. The parking was ok.

We went to Mr Agency’s office and told him he would receive an answer within 24 h.

After that, a quick lunch (it was too late already for Luxi) while talking about the flats: the decision was between the 2nd and the 3rd, and it’d be provided the following day after our second round of appointments with another agency.

Later we went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the citizenship and after queuing we were told that I would need a permanent residence (the lease contract) to get the citizenship and that we were at the wrong place…..

I thought it was not necessary because there is a clear distinction between the Luxembourgish people and the “non- nationals” and the company was accepting “living in a hotel” for a reasonable period of time as a residence.

It was not even tea time, and all people were running home after work. We were almost dead and decided to go to the hotel and just sleep.

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