Dec 21, 2011

First insights into Luxembourg (VI): Third day. Columbus Day - Día de la Hispanidad

Third day: October 12th (Día de la Hispanidad / Columbus day: one of the main Spanish national holidays) A great one, isn't it??.

The spirit of the third day was not the same. We had nothing to do, so we decided to have a walk through the districts: Bel-Air, Merl and walk towards the possible apartment in the evening.

We came across the 10.000th agency, and after seeing from the outside the flat, we came into the agency.

The owner had a very good appearance. He was very educated and passed us to a meeting room which had a Spanish wooden table, made with a single 1 piece of wood, and embossed leather chairs, typical from Spain as well.

I explained what I was looking for, and he showed us the pictures of the only apartment he had available.

Terrific!. Renovated, in the city centre, garage with a flat entrance, elevator, separated kitchen, huge living room, 2 bedrooms, cave,…. The sight was to the forest, the river and the lower city. Just AMAZING!. The problem: the price. It was out of my budget.

We went outside, and started thinking about it. For my mother was clear: “TAKE IT!!! NO MATTER THE PRICE, YOU HAVE YOUR SAVINGS AND IF NEEDED, I COULD HELP YOU A BIT!”. I was frozen. We called my father, my aunt and all agreed. “Take it: you’re spending a lot of time this year at home, you’re in Luxembourg to work, not on holidays and you need a decent place when arrive after work. A comfortable place!!”.

I was trembling: it was colder, I felt colder, I had not security because I did not exactly whether the standard of living in Luxembourg was so much higher than in Madrid or not. But finally we re-entered and took it.

It has been one of the craziest decisions I have ever made. Without seeing it!, apparently out of my budget!… I may have lost 3.000 kg due to my panic in that hour. By contrast, my mother was super-happy. I still was not sure and so much afraid and frozen. We went to McDonalds to “celebrate it” and later, prior to the appointment to visit the apartment and sign the contract, to the district and the house.

I was already relaxed when we reached the place and my mother started to say: “how beautiful!, what a district! Don’t you see the difference between this and what we saw yesterday?...” and suddenly A BIG NOISE totally abnormal was heard. It was frightening and really intense. Suddenly we look up, and there was a plane, flying that close to the ground that seemed to be landing at home!!!!

We looked at ourselves with the “Oh my God!” face and we said at the same time “OMG!!!”. Fortunately the following plane that flew over our heads was doing so at the normal distance from the ground and the noise was the normal one: the one that when you realize of it, you turn your head up and exclaim “look! A plane!”, so we calmed down.

I signed the contract off and I met the landlord, her daughter. I liked them, they liked me, we agreed… and I had a house!!!

We were smiling turning back to the centre. My mother went to the hotel and I met a friend of mine who is currently working in Luxembourg. We had a glass of white wine, one of my favourite Chardonnays, at Place d’Armes. It was a great day.

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