Dec 21, 2011

First insights into Luxembourg (VII): Last day

Last day (administrative purposes)

The last day we had many things to do so we wake up very early in the morning (this time we were not the last ones at the hotel’s restaurant) and went directly "into the marathon".
  1. Bierger Centre to become resident, have my tax card & carte de séjour
  2. Bank, to open the bank account, sign the contract for the debit and credit cards.
  3. Spanish Embassy.

We must stop here. One thing that a person thinks when gets into his embassy is that he is in his homeland. YES THIS WAS THE CASE.

We entered the embassy, and there were 2 persons queuing before me and only one, the typical embittered old maid, to attend all of us.
a)  The first case was an American diplomat who was asking about whether using the diplomat passport for some reason… and the old maid kept telling him very loudly and without any reason / foundation: “no, don’t use it. I think there are more controls so use your normal one to travel to The States and don’t forget that the Spanish ambassador acts as a notary if he wants to”.
b)  The second one was a woman with her family who needed a couple of official stamps for her son. Then, the old maid loudly as well, basically called her stupid, uneducated and pushed them out of the embassy.
c)  I'm afraid I was the third one. The conversation as follows:
-  I come to register myself: I am a new resident
-  Do you think this is easy? Here it is: the list of documents you’ve to present. When you have them, come back.
I review the list and I had everything but I was not sure of one of the bullet points. I ask:
- What is this?
- I DON’T KNOW. Find yourself.
- But.. Where can I know what it is??
- No clue, ask at the Bierger Center.
- But in Madrid? Or in Luxembourg?
- I don’t know!!!  So.. you can leave.

Of course I have reported it to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I have the official complaint form to be presented as well at the embassy the first day off I have in Luxembourg.

Finally, we left the embassy running to catch the bus to Brussels airport, swearing at the embittered old maid because this behaviour was not acceptable, she shouldn’t work there and give that image of Spain and because due to this “stumble” in the planning I couldn’t vote in the next elections for Prime Minister more than 1 month later.

Anyway, we were received in Spain like heroes :O)


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