Jan 31, 2012

Tales of Luxembourg

Dear all,

I wanted to continue with the story of my move which is quite impressive, but many things happen to me one after another.... AND THEY DON'T LET ME CONTINUE!!!!! (this is just an excuse, I know).

Today I went to la philarmonie, because one of my favourite pianists, Andras Schiff, was playing the 9th concert of Mozart, Beethoven's Emperors and conducting a symphony of Schubert...

I enjoyed a lot and the building deserves to be visited for those who study architecture. :)

At the end, Mr Schiff, played "an extra". Something intimate. And I guess that most of the audience is uneducated and didn't know what he was playing for our pleasure. Though it's not played by Andras Schiff, you can listen to it in the following link to have an idea. Play it in the night with the room in silence and a candle... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3OObR8vg10....... any feelings?

Well, the story is not that. When I arrived home, almost midnight, and after removing the snow from the car... (because it has been snowing "non-stop" for a couple of days and we are reaching -10ºC this week), I open my mailbox and I find a bag with a bottle of vitamins, some kiwis and a letter.

It was one of my adorable neighbours asking me to open her pills because she is not strong enough to open it with her hands. In return she was asking me to have the kiwis. So, in midnight I have come downstairs with the bottle opened and another letter in return, placing them in her mailbox (too late to push her doorbel).

Isn't it lovely????

I am starting to like Luxi.


Jan 27, 2012

Just a short anecdote

Dear all,

Just a few lines to share with you today’s anecdote, but before the anecdote, let me remark that today is a great day among the all the great days in the year. It’s 27 of January and particularly today, we celebrate the 256th anniversary of MOZART’s birthday.

In this moment of your reading you should be listening to this at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPQLdEuvIK8 It’s Mozart’s concert nº 25 KV 503 (3rd movement). Comforting, happy, with a bite of sadness…. :O)

Well the story… let’s move on to the point!!!!!

Today I had to wake me up earlier because there is some work in progress in my street and I had to move the car before it started. To be honest it’s not just “some work” but something huge. The workers are digging the whole broad street and we won’t be able to park, circulate or even have access to our covered parking places, and it'll take from January to June -no comments about the Grand Duchy-...

So I set the alarm earlier. As I expected it ringed, I woke up, had breakfast, my shower... I raised the thermometer that regulates the heating because the weekend is beginning: I am spending more time at home than form Monday to Friday and because next week we expect the maximum temperature below zero.

So I raised the thermometer, I went downstairs with my laptop, my badge… I start the engine of my car… and how surprising!! it was Mozart’s birthday and somebody was playing the 25th concert in SWR2 radio…

I continued driving… it was very weird because I normally arrive “just in time” nor late, nor early, and the parking was empty. My car was the third one in the parking… I waited until the concert was finished and guess what. IT WAS 7:30 in the morning!!!! And I start at 9:00!!!!


I don’t know at what time I set the alarm… I don’t even want to know it.

I’ll see it later, when I go to bed.


Jan 26, 2012

Heading to Luxembourg

Dear all,

I continue writing because … I can use it as an excuse to not play Beethoven’s concert nº 4 anymore this evening.

After the moving company left, we had 1 extra day to enjoy Madrid, but since my parents were coming by car to help me (the move was overlapping with my first working day…), we had to pack their luggage and some things... "details" that I forgot such as a computer that I had to buy the night before at El Corte Inglés (What a great institution!!!). :O)

We departured the following morning towards Poitiers (the first stop in our trip). Nothing special happened, and Poitiers as beautiful as usual. We just argued about where to have dinner and what we should order.

I was reaaaally angry about everything: I was the only one there who didn’t speak any word of French and there I was, ordering for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if it’s difficult for the others, it is at least, as difficult for me).
Etape par etape: 
Firstly we argued about the dinner place.

Secondly we argued about the meals.

Thirdly about who was going to order (guess who!).

So there I was: I “prepared my single sentence as if it was a public exam” and saw how my parents were just sitting down (I am super-grateful for everything, but that is not an occasion for that).

I just spited the words… the few words I learnt the previous summer in Canada…

“Je vais prendre un verre d’eau, un filet de poulet avec…. PAS DE SAUCE (because my father is always the difficult one and needs a customized menu. He is really “sauce afraid and has a limited life” - and I am still angry about it –) and after having ordered everything, suddenly, my father appears and says “hey, what about French fries?????”.

It couldn’t be. I was so angry and I decided they were not in the menu.

The following morning we had to run: because we had an appointment at 17:00 in Luxembourg to pick up the keys of the apartment (it was Friday… 27th of October… weekend, 1st of November a national holiday…) Kind of dangerous.

Besides we wanted to go to IKEA and buy all my furniture (because according to the website it would take 5 days to have it) so it’d arrive on the 2nd, 3rd maximum!!! And, additionally I forgot to keep out of the move a suit for the first day… and though it was supposed to be ready, you never know.

While arriving

  1. The moving company called. They would not deliver on time. So I needed a suit, shirt, tie, shoes, everything!!! :P
  2. I called the real estate agency to confirm he would be there and he confirmed.

We arrived as a formula 1. I stayed for 45 minutes at the flat signing the reception of my keys and, after leaving all the luggage upstairs, we run into Belgium (yes: too many countries for 1 day) to buy the furniture at IKEA.
Since I was “the blondie” I had already printed out all what I wanted with the corridor, shelf and number of reference. It was supposed to be simple: giving the list to the picking service & pay… but: 

  1. The man in charge of the picking service was not really wishful to help,
  2. When we had to pay no credit card was working (we had to split the bill into 4 or 5 parts while barking the bank in Spain on the phone…)
  3. And then, we had to move the ton of furniture to the end of the corridor to re-pay for the delivery and assembly service.

Amazing experience, again non recommended for those who take pills to calm their nerves… :O)


The moving company

Dear all

Now I should be re-learning some German or studying some French… but here I am, on the computer trying to write something about my tales of Luxembourg….
“Tales of Luxembourg”… I like it. I may change the blog’s name or give this title to a new section in a later stage.
Well, coming back to the move… everybody was very busy… all the family with the “coming and goings”. There was work for everybody so we decided to split it into parts for all the people.

  • My father, dealing with the moving company.
  • My mother thinking & buying some stuff that I would need.
  • My granny selecting a complete service for the table.
  • My aunt buying as well all the things my mother was delegating

To be honest I don’t even remember what I did (apart from going to the dentist, ophthalmologist, general doctor and so on).

What I remember is that, (I didn’t know it), no moving company was giving us any estimated budget because they needed to know how many boxes I would need to pack all my stuff and, obviously, there wouldn’t be no certainty of it until the real day arrived.

Besides, many companies were outsourcing the “moving service” so there was an extra-reason for not providing us with a budget (I wonder what the first ones do in the end. Just put you through on the phone?).

Without any budget, then, the deployment of possibilities was overwhelming: the kind of boxes, the ways of transportation…

Finally we arranged everything with the most convenient. And suddenly the day arrived. I couldn’t believe it. We were lucky because to Luxembourg there is no truck every day but the week we needed it there was one. My estimation of boxes was accurate. 22. No more.

So the workmen arrived and started packing my personal belongings. All my life occupies 22 boxes. (Of course I left some things at my parent’s but I suppose everybody does).

Remarkable moments:
  1. Seeing how they were taking my piano from the living room to the truck. I imagine it can be like being separated from your kid (for those who have kids): a piece of your heart was in an ugly envelope and you were not with it.
  2. Seeing my wardrobe, the living room or some shelves. Empty. What a sensation.
None of these sensations are recommendable for “diazepam-friendly” readers :O)

TBC (to be continued) in the next episode ;O)