Jan 26, 2012

Heading to Luxembourg

Dear all,

I continue writing because … I can use it as an excuse to not play Beethoven’s concert nº 4 anymore this evening.

After the moving company left, we had 1 extra day to enjoy Madrid, but since my parents were coming by car to help me (the move was overlapping with my first working day…), we had to pack their luggage and some things... "details" that I forgot such as a computer that I had to buy the night before at El Corte Inglés (What a great institution!!!). :O)

We departured the following morning towards Poitiers (the first stop in our trip). Nothing special happened, and Poitiers as beautiful as usual. We just argued about where to have dinner and what we should order.

I was reaaaally angry about everything: I was the only one there who didn’t speak any word of French and there I was, ordering for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if it’s difficult for the others, it is at least, as difficult for me).
Etape par etape: 
Firstly we argued about the dinner place.

Secondly we argued about the meals.

Thirdly about who was going to order (guess who!).

So there I was: I “prepared my single sentence as if it was a public exam” and saw how my parents were just sitting down (I am super-grateful for everything, but that is not an occasion for that).

I just spited the words… the few words I learnt the previous summer in Canada…

“Je vais prendre un verre d’eau, un filet de poulet avec…. PAS DE SAUCE (because my father is always the difficult one and needs a customized menu. He is really “sauce afraid and has a limited life” - and I am still angry about it –) and after having ordered everything, suddenly, my father appears and says “hey, what about French fries?????”.

It couldn’t be. I was so angry and I decided they were not in the menu.

The following morning we had to run: because we had an appointment at 17:00 in Luxembourg to pick up the keys of the apartment (it was Friday… 27th of October… weekend, 1st of November a national holiday…) Kind of dangerous.

Besides we wanted to go to IKEA and buy all my furniture (because according to the website it would take 5 days to have it) so it’d arrive on the 2nd, 3rd maximum!!! And, additionally I forgot to keep out of the move a suit for the first day… and though it was supposed to be ready, you never know.

While arriving

  1. The moving company called. They would not deliver on time. So I needed a suit, shirt, tie, shoes, everything!!! :P
  2. I called the real estate agency to confirm he would be there and he confirmed.

We arrived as a formula 1. I stayed for 45 minutes at the flat signing the reception of my keys and, after leaving all the luggage upstairs, we run into Belgium (yes: too many countries for 1 day) to buy the furniture at IKEA.
Since I was “the blondie” I had already printed out all what I wanted with the corridor, shelf and number of reference. It was supposed to be simple: giving the list to the picking service & pay… but: 

  1. The man in charge of the picking service was not really wishful to help,
  2. When we had to pay no credit card was working (we had to split the bill into 4 or 5 parts while barking the bank in Spain on the phone…)
  3. And then, we had to move the ton of furniture to the end of the corridor to re-pay for the delivery and assembly service.

Amazing experience, again non recommended for those who take pills to calm their nerves… :O)


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