Jan 27, 2012

Just a short anecdote

Dear all,

Just a few lines to share with you today’s anecdote, but before the anecdote, let me remark that today is a great day among the all the great days in the year. It’s 27 of January and particularly today, we celebrate the 256th anniversary of MOZART’s birthday.

In this moment of your reading you should be listening to this at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPQLdEuvIK8 It’s Mozart’s concert nº 25 KV 503 (3rd movement). Comforting, happy, with a bite of sadness…. :O)

Well the story… let’s move on to the point!!!!!

Today I had to wake me up earlier because there is some work in progress in my street and I had to move the car before it started. To be honest it’s not just “some work” but something huge. The workers are digging the whole broad street and we won’t be able to park, circulate or even have access to our covered parking places, and it'll take from January to June -no comments about the Grand Duchy-...

So I set the alarm earlier. As I expected it ringed, I woke up, had breakfast, my shower... I raised the thermometer that regulates the heating because the weekend is beginning: I am spending more time at home than form Monday to Friday and because next week we expect the maximum temperature below zero.

So I raised the thermometer, I went downstairs with my laptop, my badge… I start the engine of my car… and how surprising!! it was Mozart’s birthday and somebody was playing the 25th concert in SWR2 radio…

I continued driving… it was very weird because I normally arrive “just in time” nor late, nor early, and the parking was empty. My car was the third one in the parking… I waited until the concert was finished and guess what. IT WAS 7:30 in the morning!!!! And I start at 9:00!!!!


I don’t know at what time I set the alarm… I don’t even want to know it.

I’ll see it later, when I go to bed.


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