Jan 26, 2012

The moving company

Dear all

Now I should be re-learning some German or studying some French… but here I am, on the computer trying to write something about my tales of Luxembourg….
“Tales of Luxembourg”… I like it. I may change the blog’s name or give this title to a new section in a later stage.
Well, coming back to the move… everybody was very busy… all the family with the “coming and goings”. There was work for everybody so we decided to split it into parts for all the people.

  • My father, dealing with the moving company.
  • My mother thinking & buying some stuff that I would need.
  • My granny selecting a complete service for the table.
  • My aunt buying as well all the things my mother was delegating

To be honest I don’t even remember what I did (apart from going to the dentist, ophthalmologist, general doctor and so on).

What I remember is that, (I didn’t know it), no moving company was giving us any estimated budget because they needed to know how many boxes I would need to pack all my stuff and, obviously, there wouldn’t be no certainty of it until the real day arrived.

Besides, many companies were outsourcing the “moving service” so there was an extra-reason for not providing us with a budget (I wonder what the first ones do in the end. Just put you through on the phone?).

Without any budget, then, the deployment of possibilities was overwhelming: the kind of boxes, the ways of transportation…

Finally we arranged everything with the most convenient. And suddenly the day arrived. I couldn’t believe it. We were lucky because to Luxembourg there is no truck every day but the week we needed it there was one. My estimation of boxes was accurate. 22. No more.

So the workmen arrived and started packing my personal belongings. All my life occupies 22 boxes. (Of course I left some things at my parent’s but I suppose everybody does).

Remarkable moments:
  1. Seeing how they were taking my piano from the living room to the truck. I imagine it can be like being separated from your kid (for those who have kids): a piece of your heart was in an ugly envelope and you were not with it.
  2. Seeing my wardrobe, the living room or some shelves. Empty. What a sensation.
None of these sensations are recommendable for “diazepam-friendly” readers :O)

TBC (to be continued) in the next episode ;O)


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