Jan 31, 2012

Tales of Luxembourg

Dear all,

I wanted to continue with the story of my move which is quite impressive, but many things happen to me one after another.... AND THEY DON'T LET ME CONTINUE!!!!! (this is just an excuse, I know).

Today I went to la philarmonie, because one of my favourite pianists, Andras Schiff, was playing the 9th concert of Mozart, Beethoven's Emperors and conducting a symphony of Schubert...

I enjoyed a lot and the building deserves to be visited for those who study architecture. :)

At the end, Mr Schiff, played "an extra". Something intimate. And I guess that most of the audience is uneducated and didn't know what he was playing for our pleasure. Though it's not played by Andras Schiff, you can listen to it in the following link to have an idea. Play it in the night with the room in silence and a candle... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3OObR8vg10....... any feelings?

Well, the story is not that. When I arrived home, almost midnight, and after removing the snow from the car... (because it has been snowing "non-stop" for a couple of days and we are reaching -10ºC this week), I open my mailbox and I find a bag with a bottle of vitamins, some kiwis and a letter.

It was one of my adorable neighbours asking me to open her pills because she is not strong enough to open it with her hands. In return she was asking me to have the kiwis. So, in midnight I have come downstairs with the bottle opened and another letter in return, placing them in her mailbox (too late to push her doorbel).

Isn't it lovely????

I am starting to like Luxi.


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