Feb 21, 2012

IKEA… IKEA??????????????? SURE????? THEN READ THIS!

The heading could be "just IKEA" or "waiting for IKEA"....

As I told you already I arrived on the 28th of October 2011. I drove to Arlon (Belgium) to buy the furniture of my new residence in Luxembourg, where I spent a huuuuge amount of money. Indeed the arrival on the 28th was not just by casual. If I was buying on the 28th the delivery and assembly would take place 5 man-days later.

Since I had to buy a whole house... I used all the services: picking, delivery and assembly.
Let me put you in the real context. As an example:

This is not the same as when somebody you like tells you “fancy a drink?” and then you go for a drink... or “fancy go to IKEA to buy a chair??”... and then you go a Saturday morning very proud to buy your chair and give some lessons when you arrive at home about how to assemble the chair.... IN THIS CASE IT IS THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!! NO LESSONS!! JUST SHUT UP AND PAY!!!!

So I paid for all the services as if I was millionaire... and I was told (the same written on the website) that the delivery would be the same day of the laundry machine, by the way.... I had to come back on the 29th because there was something out of stock... but in any case: the due date arrived and I was with my parents waiting for IKEA. WAITING FOR IKEA TO COME.



Since it was almost the end of the day and we had no news about IKEA, we gathered all the tickets... longer than any toilet paper roll.... and went back to Arlon. My goodness!!! They were not answering the phone.... nothing.

In the meantime I realized that the stupid man of the picking service made many mistakes which means: I paid for furniture that I didn’t want, some pieces were not included and all the huge amount paid for the delivery and assembly was wrongly calculated. I HAD TO EXPLAIN IN FRENCH ALL THAT STUFF!!!!. It was very promising.....

Of course I don’t have to announce that I had many problems...

1. At the customer service they were not very willing to help: they were asking me for any refund to give back the furniture.. but they were the current holders of it... so how come?

2. Obviously they were reluctant to any reimbursement. “Would you prefer IKEA’s lunch vouchers????”

3. I took the missing items by myself and PAYED AGAIN.

4. ..... O H   M Y   G O D !!!!!! The information suddenly changed: after many confirmations... the delivery and assembly wouldn’t take place in 5 days but in 5 days I might receive a phone call to make an appointment and receive the furniture... maybe in 3 weeks MEANING THAT I WOULD HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

I begged, I supplicated... I almost sell my soul to devil to get that furniture but IKEA didn’t want to help me, didn’t provide me with the number of the company of the delivery/assembly services and... >snif< AND.... let it go... :O((((

I was literally fighting with the staff and the funny thing is that they all incurred in the mistake of saying again (though they were “aware of the new changes in deadlines”) that the delivery would be on the 5th day... and furious again I was shouting to everyone: “DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT YOU’VE MADE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN??? YOU MUST AGREE THAT THE INFORMATION IS AT LEAST “CONFUSING”!!!!”.

Several days later I was called from the “delivery and assembly company” I accepted the first day available (Monday) because otherwise, waiting for a Saturday implied an extra century of “sleeping on the floor”. I had to work but I asked for permission and my brother came to help me.

The previous days to the delivery and assembly I received several phone calls from the delivery and assembly company. They asked me several times normal questions such as whether my street is wide, whether a parking space can be easily found, or whether my building has an elevator available. The answers to all these questions were “yes”.

The Monday agreed for the delivery and assembly they arrived more than one hour late. Once again I was the one who called them (phone call from Luxembourg to Belgium) to know the reason and apparently, this time it was a traffic jam.

When they arrived there was a parking place in front of the main door just across the street but they did not park there (don’t ask me why). They chose a farther place, came upstairs and before anything else happened they asked me where the reserved parking place was.

I had made no reservation because nobody had told me (i.e. the moving company who brought from Spain all my personal belongings took care of everything), because I supposed that it was not necessary due to the fact that normally there are many parking places available and because, as I have just mentioned, I had received many phone calls the previous weeks to know whether a parking space near my house could easily be found.

When they knew I had made no reservation, before proceeding to the delivery and assembly they called IKEA immediately and put me through. The person from IKEA who talked to me (in a very bad manner) told me that on the contract it was clearly stated that I had to reserve a parking place at the city hall.

In the contract it is written “bear in mind that the delivery will take more than 15 minutes” and from that, to be honest, I would never had inferred that I would had to make a special reservation at the city hall. For instance, in case of being necessary, I could have paid the normal ticket in the parking meters.

Additionally, she told me that they would start with the delivery and assembly of the bed and if they had to leave because of any reason related to the truck, I would have to pay in cash 75 € (how funny, isn’t it??) to have the right of a second delivery. Otherwise and without any other alternative they would leave without delivering anything and I would have to make another appointment and wait another 3 weeks.

Without any alternative I accepted, they moved the truck to the parking exit of one of my neighbours instead of using the parking available across the street and they started the delivery and assembly but not from the bed.

Due to some work in progress that was taking place on my street that day, as the truck could be affected by it, instead of parking in the space available in front of my house where the works had no influence, the personnel stopped the delivery and assembly and left. They did not assembly the bed but only a library, the couch (no assembly required), and half a table. They were about 45 minutes total in my house, and they left it full of boxes, like a warehouse.

They said they would return when I had made a proper reservation for their parking.

That same day, I was on the phone with the responsible of the assembly for a new appointment (to be held on Saturday at the end of the month), and they told me to make a reservation at the city hall for a large truck. I told them that as the work they had done in my house was just assembling, it would be enough to come with a small car (as it was assured by the workers before leaving), and that I would leave my parking space, or would pay the cost of parking on the street. They did not admit my proposal and forced me to make your reservation at City Hall, at a cost of 80 euros. Again: “just pay”.

When I confirmed that the reservation was made I warned town hall, but came to the assembly with a small vehicle. AT THAT MOMENT SUICIDE WAS A VERY COMFORTING THOUGHT!!!!

They even parked in a place different from the one reserved and I had to ask them to use the designated location.

So they started with the process BUT!!!!! (ALWAYS A ‘BUT’).

When they opened one of the boxes... one piece was broken. So AGAIN I HAD TO MAKE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT. I just got it for Christmas. FOR CHRISTMAS! SINCE OCTOBER!!!!


Furthermore, the last time they came, since everything was at their expense.. THEY DID NOT RESERVE ANY PLACE ON THE STREET, THEY CAME WITH A HUGE TRUCK... IT WAS A MAN-DAY (otherwise I would have receive it in 2012 nobody knows when...), THEY CAME LATE AGAIN....

I even had to argue to get the receipt for the 75 € in cash!!!! Can you believe it????

And by the way, in the meantime I didn’t have any money because since October the pin-code for my debit card didn’t arrived. I got it for Christmas again... and you know.. it’s so funny when you start getting paid by your company but can’t withdraw any money....


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