Feb 20, 2012

Last settings!

Well, the following days we had many things to do. For us “just like games for kids”:  


Well while you listen to the Toy Symphony I shall continue...
I had prepared a linear itinerary to take advantage of the little time we had.

I am lucky. Indeed I think I spent all the luck I had during the move.
We found a tailor at Place de Paris that was providing me with a suit (with the arrangements) on Monday afternoon, a tie and a shirt for a reasonable price!. (All the reasonable that it can be in Luxembourg city...).
The suit is very nice and my mother’s first thought was “your brother will be jealous” :O) !!!!

Running (always running)... The next thing was the phone and internet but we had to take a “detour” because the company I wanted to provide me with internet and phone services... was not providing service in my street. So we went to the post office for that purpose...
Everything seemed to be simple. It’s just because I paid a fortune.
Here in Luxembourg there are several companies which provide services and they have divided the city in sectors... so you’ve to know in which one you are and chase your provider.

Our first time in Auchan, isn’t it exciting???? :O)
We bought lots of minor things. Among them there was a laundry, a dryer a printer... “just small things” and really “kostenloss”. I was really fed up with my life. In 2 days I was spending all my savings.
Since the dryer had to be placed on top of the laundry once we bought the laundry then we realized that it was smaller than the dryer, so we’d to give it back to Auchan, and buy a different one. (Go to customer service, change the order for the delivery and assembly...). No need to explain what it means, do I?
Just as an advice. Don’t move! EVER!! And if you can, rent a full equipped flat!!!!
A good friend of mine is still looking forward to seeing my purchase tickets of those days. Can’t be longer!

IKEA (again)
For this I suggest you to move on to the IKEA chapter.... it can’t be funnier... for you!: For me it was just a nightmare). :O). A huge bill by the way.

Water supply
Well I went to the Birger Centre and today the bill has not arrived yet (October-February????. THIS IS SCARY!!!!
Thank goodness I knew the surname of the previous tenant “k***”.

Electric power supply
Easy thing: they charge you what they want... and on a later stage they read the meter and then you may receive a discount. (In the meantime you just pay).

Visa Card and complaining about the reception of my pin-code for the debit card... (it hadn’t arrived yet)...

The last thing we did together was having dinner at Place de Paris. A South-American was attending us and we directly spoke to her in Spanish... but she was reluctant to it.
Je ne comprends pas“ she said... and I turned that angry that almost shouted in German to her: “ABENDESSEN!!!”... and then, she called another waiter who was able to attend us in all the languages we spoke.

Really exhausting!!

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