Feb 28, 2012

Luxembourgish customs

In Luxembourg, people are quiet. Nothing really matters. Nothing is important enough to disturb this stillness, the peace. (With the exeption of my laundry, my own parking place, the delivery of my furniture, ..... all the things from the "outsiders").

In Luxembourg people like to receive the bills at home, review them and then go personally and pay. With every single bill.

If something goes wrong they state "that must be a Belgian story". :)

I have been double charged for every single bill since I am here (I blame the Belgians for the IKEA episode, but for the rest.. I don't think they are so much involved...). Probably my bank works that badly because they keep charging and crediting the same amount twice a month per every bill...

Conclusion: "Yes",  Luxembourgish wisdom is really worthy in this country "where apparently nothing happens".

It would be something annoying, rather disappointing if it was just recall the corresponding companies or the bank. However, the "fight" is speaking in French.

I have been always told "oh, you... YOU that come from an under-developed country...." (pardon?). "This people from the South.... that friendly... prepare the food with their own hands..."...... and stuff like that. One of the trendy ones is that is Spain nobody speaks foreign languages BUT BEYOND THE PYRENEES!!!! Everybody is polyglot.

I am afraid not. I speak fluently 3 languages, I don't speak fluently another 2 and I can understand a bit of a sixth one. Why the bloody hell in this country, where people are supposed to speak  at least 4 - 5 languages "superfluent", it's that difficult to find anybody who matches in at least one of the languages I speak????  I just speak normal Western European languages...

So the nightmare for every bill is remarkable.

Last weekend I left in the laundry a couple of suits... and I was in the mood to practice the French language.

"Je ne parle pas français... mais... pour nettoyage et repassage... oui, deux costumes"... and finally she asks me in French how many languages I speak.

After finishing with the list she tells me.. "anyway it doesn't help: I only speak French"...

Where is my Jack Daniels??????????????????? I need a shot!

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