Feb 28, 2012

Silly rules...

Dear all, 

I just arrived from Trier, probably the most ancient city in Germany. I have been having dinner in a very nice restaurant: Jahreszeiten. It's located on top of the hill, close to the university and apart from the tasty food, (I recommend the Schnitzweinfilet mit Aioli, und Kartoffeln) :O), it has an amazing view of the Mosel valley.

We were celebrating 3 or 4 birthdays at the same time.

I'll upload some pics from Trier soon. :)

Anyway, this is not what brings me on the computer. 

Today I feel really satisfied because I have again passed another obstacle in my settling in the Grand Duchy.

I had to take 3 hours off one of the days in which IKEA was delivering "something". In all the companies I've worked for we have to report a detailed breakdown of the hours we work and in which matters we dedicate that time. Here, this isn't a special case.

I remember when I took the 3 hours "for moving purposes" (and bear in mind that in the UE I have the right of 2 days)... I asked for permission to my boss, and there was no problem at all: the problems came later!.

I was having some fun with a couple of friends because a secretary asked me while having a look at my timesheet. "I didn't know you were moving". :) Funny, isn't it? Just arrived from Spain, sleeping on the floor, without internet.... and she was not aware of that.

Well guys, I've to tell you that I received a treatening email this week from HR in which the person in charge stated.... "either you provide us with a written prove dated on the 21st, and issued by the city hall, or we'll revert this extraordinary leave and charge to your holiday balance". ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿???????????????????????????




a) That paper doesn't exist (I am the blondie girl).
b) You have already my certificate of arrival in Luxembourg.
c) I registered in advanced because I needed:
  1. Bank account
  2. Carte de Sejour
  3. Internet
  4. Cell
  5. LAN
  6. Heating
  7. Electric supply
  8. Water supply
  9. Tax card
  10. etc, etc...
d) When a moving company arrives.. one normally takes a day off for the move, not to register himself at the city hall... (as if one hadn't enough things to do already!!!).
e) Apart from all the docs required, apart from the fact that they hired me, that they have the certificate from my previous employer AND that they gathered ALL the bills from my move to pay me my relocation package... NOW THEY WERE NOT AWARE OF THIS!

How come? I wouldn't forget it...

I have solved it (I am still the blondie) but we've to behave as a factory and have written proves of everything.

From now.. every time I go to the toliet I'll take a picture and send it to HR... (to be enclosed to my "timeshit") :O)


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