Feb 21, 2012


Good start!

So the day finally came.

I was really willing to start hitting the ground running! I dressed up, my father drove me to the office and I attended the WELCOME DAY! :O)

As all the HR sessions this one was de-motivating: “Be CAREFUL OF THIS, OF THAT, YOU’LL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS AND THAT...”

And of course, we got a face-pic each one of our badges: THE KIND OF PERMANENT PICTURE IN WHICH YOU LOOK HORRIBLE!. Forever. Like the ID card... but we all collect this kind of pictures so I can’t complain so much.

When we were talking about independency rules... it turned very funny. Apparently all my colleagues are the main stakeholders in big traded firms, SICAVs, and other things that might impair the credibility of our job.... they were behaving as if they were real millionaires... maybe they are, who knows!: I can’t smell the money for the moment being!.

Following the procedure I wrote the company months in advance because I wanted the benefit in kind of a leasing car... Of course my leasing car was not ready!!. My AUDI. MY BEAUTIFUL AUDI. I asked for a red one and the answer I got was: “there are no cars available. If you want an Audi, it has to be black or silvered and the first available will be in Jan but if you want we have a second hand Clio”. I had to accept the Renault Clio, because in Luxembourg you really need the car...

When I arrived home, the laundry and the dryer were installed in the morning and I went downstairs to see how they looked like.

Just opened the door of the cellar and SOMEBODY had pulled up both from the designated place and they were just there, in the middle!!!!

I checked the email and I had an email from my landlord telling me that I HAD MADE A MISTAKE.....



I replied immediately strongly and furious:

“[...] my laundry and dryer machines have been delivered and assembled at about 10:30 a.m. they have been installed in the designated place number XXX which was the last place that has been told me to be the right one for my laundry machine.

When I have arrived at 18:30 p.m. in the evening, after work, I went into the cellar and I have found my laundry and dryer pulled up from the place number XXX (including the 2 pipes and the plug) and they were left in the middle of the cellar.

I have to say that the people who came this morning to install both machines could not switch on any of them, for a trial, due to the fact that the plug which supplies electric power to the place number XXX was locked.

Thus, whoever is the owner of that place, can be sure that there has been not water and electric consumption at all. Now, that I read your e-mail, I have just gone downstairs to check the number provided in the e-mail that you have forwarded to me: the number YYY corresponds to the meter nº A, and the number XXX has a different counter number (so it seems that nobody knows clearly which place corresponds to each counter).

I guess, that due to the fact that my machines have been removed from the number XXX, the right place is the number YYY (corresponding to the counter nº A), but I would appreciate indeed that you confirm me the place to avoid further mistakes and misunderstandings.

I hope that my new machines have not suffered any damages due to the pulling up of them by a non-professional and I find this behavior quite rude and aggressive to me, because only few hours have past, I have followed the instructions provided, and I have received no notification of this to amend this mistake prior to somebody takes this kind of actions.

I have discovered today that one key is missing: the one which locks/unlocks the plug for my laundry, because I had the intention to do the laundry, but in this morning I discovered that I need the key to lock/unlock the plug of the laundry and drier.

So please, I would appreciate that you contact me to let me know the right place for the laundry and drier (because they are now in the middle of the cellar and this can be now really inconvenient for all the neighbours) and to deliver in the most suitable way the remaining keys […]”

In some weeks the problem was solved, I got apologies from everybody but I couldn’t do the laundry for 2/3 weeks and I had to call to Germany, to the previous tenant to know which was the real place for the laundry….

Did I mention in the previous chapters that moving is exhausting????

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