Mar 21, 2012

Speed in Luxembourg

You can imagine, infering it from my previous posts that in Luxembourg, people takes their time to perform their tasks, carry out their duties or whatever they have to do. I am still waiting for some responses from IKEA, for my landlord to repare a water leak since December...

Maybe I should invent a problem that I forsee to happen, in order to be fixed in a reasonable time when it actually happens!!!!

In general terms I used to think that "just in Spain" or in the movie "My Fair Lady", people tend to speak about the same topics: the weather & health problems....

Here in Luxembourg it's the same. In particular Luxembourgish and foreigners complain about how long take all the works on the streets or the tunnel in the motorway A7.... 

In particular there is something scheduled for my street until the end of June (and started in November). but I am not even talking about that.

The side walk of my block is being repaired.... and IN 3 WEEKS the workers have repaired only 8 steps of mine (probably the smallest steps in the world... exagerating a bit...)... Can you believe it????

I tend to remember the mileage of tunnels dig during the year in Madrid for new metro lines or just tunnels for motorways..... It is yearly published.. but probably for the Grand Duchy, a report on centimeters would be enough...


Security Guard.... is missing!

Hi again!

I am having a tough week: too many meetings at work, so much work to be done..... Early entries and working until very late.

The anecdote is that I had to work in a new building until almost midnight on Monday... "to celebrate S. Joseph", and when I was leaving the office the door was not opening. 

I was waiting for a security guard... but there was nobody. NOBODY. I couldn't go back because my badge didn't open any door, meaning that I was trapped between the stairs and the front door of the building.

Normally I am used to work until very late, and most of the times either the doors are opened while there are people remaining at the office or closed and then somebody (or you call the security guard) comes to open the door for me / (us in the cases I am not alone).

Since there was nobody, I had to call my boss on the phone... I didn't want to disturb him. He was still working upstairs....

The phone call was kind of funny. "Hi again boss, can you please tell me how I can get out of the building???". And the solution was introducing a security code... that I didn't have and he searched on the intranet.

It was one of the few times that I worked in that new building and never before had to until that late...

I just introduced the code and left....

I can't believe that. I was already thinking on pressing the fire alarm.. 

..... (of course when I arrived home there were some oranges in my mailbox)... :O)


Mar 19, 2012

Glamour out of the office

In Luxembourg, there are many many MANY different people: different nationalities, different behaviours, styles....

In general terms I've observed that most of them don't have my taste for dressing, combing their hair or whatever.

Here, you can find people:
  • With impossible haircuts and hairstyles (I really admire them: how much time they have invested in front of the mirror!!!!) I would never do that. Besides.. the result is horrible.
  • Impossible clothes
    • Category A: leopard T-Shirts with very brilliant sequins. I CAN'T SEE ANYMORE!!! MY EYES!!!!
    • Category B:  old Luxembourgish people's clothing such as corduroy cross striped jackets....
These people, apart from not having a look at themselves before leaving home, they don't have good friends to tell them "hey dude, you're not dressing appropriate!!".

It's coming to my mind the idea of a girl lying to her best friend "oh you look great" when in reality she looks like a bit**....
I couldn't dress like that. Of course there are some people dressing smart.. but the minority....

I'll further explain that.

Be good.

Glamour in the office

It's funny. Especially when you come from a big city.

The Grand Duchy is so small that when people are late in the office in the mornings (I'll probably be as well tomorrow), and they call to say "I am late"... they don't just say that they'll be late but 
  1. "I'm still in France" 
  2. "I'm still in Belgium"
  3. "I'm still in Germany"
  4. I'm crossing the border.
It seems that they have been driving for ten thousand hours.. coming from...  I don't know, Montpellier or Chartres, or, in the case of Germany, at least driving from Dresden....
This gives a flavour of "arriving late with so much glamour". I just arrive late from the city centre, which is not very trendy here. :O)
Should I move to another country??? What about Swtizerland?? the best connected country by plane (if my company pays me the daily flights, of course).
Indeed it's the only country connected to the Grand Duchy. For the rest, it's a mousetrap. Luxair is the only company, with so inconvenient schedules, prices and no destinations...
Anyway, I am trapped here. :)

Mar 16, 2012

The forest of secrets


I had a problem with the internet connection and I thought I would need to upload all the pictures again!!!

In the meantime, a friend of mine has come home to ask me some tips about Madrid, because he's flying to Spain tomorrow.

I could write an encyclopedia about Madrid.. so, I am afraid it doesn't match right now with this blog.... maybe in a later stage.

It's half past midnight and I am tired so I won't write many nonsenses today...

When my friends left, (they didn't miss the bus), I went home to re-clean what was already clean.. and afterwards I had a walk in the forest.

This time, I went to a path located beyond the Chinese Embassy in Weimerskirch. This really goes to nowhere.. or maybe I would better say IT IS VERY WELL CONNECTED, because the path ends in the motorway!!! the A7.

It is a beautiful walk in a forest that combines areas with a high density of trees and clearings.

The smell.. the birds.. the silence... the sun touching your face through the leaves... the woods crackling...

It's the right place to let your imagination fly and right as well for the occurrence of many things... that will be kept in secret by the trees....

I took a couple of pictures with the cell phone... but they are not good as they didn't capture the sunlight I was enjoying which was given the colours to that charming natural environment....

What do you think??

I've to go to bed. Be good :O)

Mar 15, 2012

Opened for vacations III

Here we are again!!!!

The last day in Luxembourg of my friends I decided to take them to Echternach.

I can say that WE LOVE RISK, I mean, their bus was leaving early in the afternoon so it was very risky driving to Echternach because they could miss the bus... but as a Luxembourgish guy that I know says... "no risk, no fun" :O).

Coming back to Echternach...

Echternach is the oldest city in the Grand Duchy, which grew around the Abbey of Echternach on the riverside of the Sauer, just in the Lux-German border.

This region belongs to the district of Grevenmacher, which is also famous for its white wines... but I'll write about it when I get to know it better (meaning "drunk") :O).

The abbey, was founded by Saint Willibrord (a monk from Ripon), bishop of Utrecht. Today, the Romanesque basilica stands visible from any part of the city. There is a huge contrast between the basilica and its surrounding Baroque buildings from the late XVIII Century.

Of course we stopped in the pharmacy to buy some adhesive tape for my wounded friends :)))))

After a walk beyond the walls, following the riverside and captivated by the beauty of the Sauer, while looking at Germany, we decided to visit the Roman Villa and the lake.

From Echternach, I think that what I've liked most is the court of justice from the Middle Age.

I have checked on google maps and the houses just on the other side of the river (in Germany) correspond to the town Echtermacherbrück. I suppose they were joint in the past...

The town is charming and the landscape fantastic. I strongly recommend all of you to visit it.

Here I left you some pictures.

Enjoy them!