Mar 16, 2012

The forest of secrets


I had a problem with the internet connection and I thought I would need to upload all the pictures again!!!

In the meantime, a friend of mine has come home to ask me some tips about Madrid, because he's flying to Spain tomorrow.

I could write an encyclopedia about Madrid.. so, I am afraid it doesn't match right now with this blog.... maybe in a later stage.

It's half past midnight and I am tired so I won't write many nonsenses today...

When my friends left, (they didn't miss the bus), I went home to re-clean what was already clean.. and afterwards I had a walk in the forest.

This time, I went to a path located beyond the Chinese Embassy in Weimerskirch. This really goes to nowhere.. or maybe I would better say IT IS VERY WELL CONNECTED, because the path ends in the motorway!!! the A7.

It is a beautiful walk in a forest that combines areas with a high density of trees and clearings.

The smell.. the birds.. the silence... the sun touching your face through the leaves... the woods crackling...

It's the right place to let your imagination fly and right as well for the occurrence of many things... that will be kept in secret by the trees....

I took a couple of pictures with the cell phone... but they are not good as they didn't capture the sunlight I was enjoying which was given the colours to that charming natural environment....

What do you think??

I've to go to bed. Be good :O)

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