Mar 19, 2012

Glamour in the office

It's funny. Especially when you come from a big city.

The Grand Duchy is so small that when people are late in the office in the mornings (I'll probably be as well tomorrow), and they call to say "I am late"... they don't just say that they'll be late but 
  1. "I'm still in France" 
  2. "I'm still in Belgium"
  3. "I'm still in Germany"
  4. I'm crossing the border.
It seems that they have been driving for ten thousand hours.. coming from...  I don't know, Montpellier or Chartres, or, in the case of Germany, at least driving from Dresden....
This gives a flavour of "arriving late with so much glamour". I just arrive late from the city centre, which is not very trendy here. :O)
Should I move to another country??? What about Swtizerland?? the best connected country by plane (if my company pays me the daily flights, of course).
Indeed it's the only country connected to the Grand Duchy. For the rest, it's a mousetrap. Luxair is the only company, with so inconvenient schedules, prices and no destinations...
Anyway, I am trapped here. :)

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