Mar 19, 2012

Glamour out of the office

In Luxembourg, there are many many MANY different people: different nationalities, different behaviours, styles....

In general terms I've observed that most of them don't have my taste for dressing, combing their hair or whatever.

Here, you can find people:
  • With impossible haircuts and hairstyles (I really admire them: how much time they have invested in front of the mirror!!!!) I would never do that. Besides.. the result is horrible.
  • Impossible clothes
    • Category A: leopard T-Shirts with very brilliant sequins. I CAN'T SEE ANYMORE!!! MY EYES!!!!
    • Category B:  old Luxembourgish people's clothing such as corduroy cross striped jackets....
These people, apart from not having a look at themselves before leaving home, they don't have good friends to tell them "hey dude, you're not dressing appropriate!!".

It's coming to my mind the idea of a girl lying to her best friend "oh you look great" when in reality she looks like a bit**....
I couldn't dress like that. Of course there are some people dressing smart.. but the minority....

I'll further explain that.

Be good.

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