Mar 1, 2012

Just a walk

Dear all, 

"I AM BECOMING LUXEMBOURGISH!!!!". I mean, I am starting doing things that I would never had done in my life.

This winter has been pretty cold, inded my car was frozen and I almost crash... but when it warmed up and we reached -10ºC it suddenly seemed to be spring.

For those who don't live in Russia, Canada or even continental Europe I just want to remark that at -20ºC you try keep doing your normal life but of course you don't do extraordinary things.

What I want to share with you, "what turns me in a kind of hero" :O) (just the word makes me laugh!!) is that I decided one weekend to go to the forest at -10ºC. It was sunny, it hadn't snowed for several days and while walking I must confess that I didn't feel cold.

Here I show you a couple of pictures that I took. The most difficult part is taking off your glove to press the snapshot button of the camera. I ALMOST LOSE MY FINGER! :O)

There is a path in the middle of the forest, near the riverside and for those who are willing to escape from noise this is your place.

Enjoy it!

By the way.. I am still wondering why the river was not frozen at all. I expected it to be frozen after several weeks at -20ºC (and we sere still at -10ºC)... Could anybody explain me why???

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