Mar 14, 2012

Opened for vacations I

Hello guys!!!

Here I am again. :O)

Last week a couple of friends came from Spain to visit me. Poor them!!!! :O) It's the first visit that I officially host since I moved here and it has been a kind of experiment with them.. because... 

who knows how to open a sofa-bed???  or even worse, who knows how to close it and place it exactly where it was??? 

My house is not the same anymore!.

My poor friends are adorable. I remember their arrival... quite nervous and they had bad bad bad luck. (I think this is something inherent to the Grand Duchy: kind of gaffe).

I picked them up at the station after work, (they had spent the day drifting in Luxembourg in the meantime), and we went home. I was checking my mailbox (of course I had some oranges from my lovely neighbour) and another one appeared and we started speaking English very fast. 

Maybe they didn't realize of it. But I won't ever forget their faces, half terrified, half "what the hell we are doing here???". They looked to each other and told me "we wait for the next lift".

So I was there with my neighbour, my laptop, holding the oranges.. 

Keep this in between brackets!:

Last week at the beginning of the week, the lovely old lady left me her next dose of vitamins to be opened in my mailbox and I returned it to her together with a small present. She was delighted and we've started "sending letters" (and fruit in her case) to each other.That's why some oranges "are growing" in my mailbox..... She speaks pure British English and is quite elegant. From now, she has become to me the Empress!!!

Well, coming back to the elevator, I say good bye to my neighbour and I wait for my friends to arrive at home upstairs.

They arrived and, how to say it smoothly, I AM VERY PICKY!!! but on the other hand, they are very understanding: I started showing them the house, and listing the rules of my house to be observed
  1. No smoking
  2. No touching the walls at all (My landlord's fault: I wanted to hang some paintings but I am not allowed).
  3. No locking the doors
  4. Closing the doors as in the movie "The Others"
  5. etc....
They, poor them were cold... cold and sick.. not just sick like "my nose is running" but "I need to be close to the toilet for different purposese at the same time". The other one "just" had a surgery the week before and he was bleeding all the time through one of the stitches.

Suddenly, my "home sweet home" or "Bed&Breakfast" became "Bed&Hospital" / "House'n Hospital" / "Medical care tourism".

And if you combine that with the fact that I was reminding all the time: "THE WALLS!!!", "YOU ARE NEAR TO THE WALLS!!!!!" :O)

We spent a great time together. Since we know each other for more than 12 years, we are very unerstanding with the others and tackle very well this kind of issues.

For the first day, I sent to them a small map with an itinerary through the city centre. 

What they visited is shown below...
  1. Avenue de la Liberté - Place des Martyrs (Arcelor Mittal Main building) - Place de Metz (Spuerkees)
  2. Boulevard de la Petrusse to the old Gestapo HQs from the II World War.
  3. Pont Adolphe - Monument to those death in the I & II WW - Cathedral
  4. Rue Philippe II - Place d'Armes - Knuedler (Hotel de Ville) - Grand Rue - Palais.


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