Mar 15, 2012

Opened for vacations II

The second day I suggested a walk through the Grund, the Casemates which were opened and Kirchberg Plateau.

I would remark from this walk:
  1. Plateau du Saint-Espirit (where the lawyers have built the city of justice I mentioned some posts ago).
  2. Again, the walls of the city
  3. The old market place / Ilot gastronomique
  4. Place de Clairefontaine, with the statue of the Grand Duchesse Marie Charlotte (or the begging woman according to Luxembourgish people).
  5. Saint Michel
  6. Neumünster Abbey (in the Grund)

And from Kirchberg I would keep:

  1. La Philarmonie (the white building)
  2. The European Supreme Court of Justice (the goldened twin towers)
  3. Mudam
  4. Gate of Europe

Yes, for those from Luxembourg.. I would never keep in the walk: Auchan or Utopolis :)


And btw... As uploading the pics take ages.... be patient!



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