Mar 15, 2012

Opened for vacations III

Here we are again!!!!

The last day in Luxembourg of my friends I decided to take them to Echternach.

I can say that WE LOVE RISK, I mean, their bus was leaving early in the afternoon so it was very risky driving to Echternach because they could miss the bus... but as a Luxembourgish guy that I know says... "no risk, no fun" :O).

Coming back to Echternach...

Echternach is the oldest city in the Grand Duchy, which grew around the Abbey of Echternach on the riverside of the Sauer, just in the Lux-German border.

This region belongs to the district of Grevenmacher, which is also famous for its white wines... but I'll write about it when I get to know it better (meaning "drunk") :O).

The abbey, was founded by Saint Willibrord (a monk from Ripon), bishop of Utrecht. Today, the Romanesque basilica stands visible from any part of the city. There is a huge contrast between the basilica and its surrounding Baroque buildings from the late XVIII Century.

Of course we stopped in the pharmacy to buy some adhesive tape for my wounded friends :)))))

After a walk beyond the walls, following the riverside and captivated by the beauty of the Sauer, while looking at Germany, we decided to visit the Roman Villa and the lake.

From Echternach, I think that what I've liked most is the court of justice from the Middle Age.

I have checked on google maps and the houses just on the other side of the river (in Germany) correspond to the town Echtermacherbrück. I suppose they were joint in the past...

The town is charming and the landscape fantastic. I strongly recommend all of you to visit it.

Here I left you some pictures.

Enjoy them!

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