Mar 15, 2012

Poner una pica en Flandes

Just a break:

For those who ask me what "Poner una pica en Flandes" means, I just say that for a Spanish it means achieving the most difficult goals.

It comes from the XVI Century when the Spanish army (which was the first professional army in the world) was fighting here "in Flandes". Flandes corresponded to the Belgian, Netherlandish and Luxembourgish regions. (Today it's just the upper part of Belgium).

The Spanish soldiers from the XVI Century used to say that the most fierce and difficult battles were those fighted here, in Flandes. That's why "poner una pica en flandes" means fighting for a big and challenging goal.

Be good, and good night!

"Little Adventurer"

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  1. I grew up using this expression to mean something like "get out of Dodge" in American English.
    If you have done something questionable or someone may be after you for some reason, you get out of town (i.e. Dodge) for a while. In XVI Spain going to fight for the king in the Low Countries was a pretty good way of leaving other problems in Spain behind.