Mar 21, 2012

Security Guard.... is missing!

Hi again!

I am having a tough week: too many meetings at work, so much work to be done..... Early entries and working until very late.

The anecdote is that I had to work in a new building until almost midnight on Monday... "to celebrate S. Joseph", and when I was leaving the office the door was not opening. 

I was waiting for a security guard... but there was nobody. NOBODY. I couldn't go back because my badge didn't open any door, meaning that I was trapped between the stairs and the front door of the building.

Normally I am used to work until very late, and most of the times either the doors are opened while there are people remaining at the office or closed and then somebody (or you call the security guard) comes to open the door for me / (us in the cases I am not alone).

Since there was nobody, I had to call my boss on the phone... I didn't want to disturb him. He was still working upstairs....

The phone call was kind of funny. "Hi again boss, can you please tell me how I can get out of the building???". And the solution was introducing a security code... that I didn't have and he searched on the intranet.

It was one of the few times that I worked in that new building and never before had to until that late...

I just introduced the code and left....

I can't believe that. I was already thinking on pressing the fire alarm.. 

..... (of course when I arrived home there were some oranges in my mailbox)... :O)


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