Apr 26, 2012


Dear all,

It's been ages since my last time over here... but I've been busy these days. Tons of work stress me out and when I arrive home I've to carry out the normal tasks of a household.........

I wanted to mention 2 things that are different in Luxembourg.

Number 1: :) --> (I love "listing" things!!!)
Good Friday. After work, everybody runs home to paint with the family easter eggs... and with them, they decorate their houses, gardens... whatever. Very beautiful, by the way....

I still prefer the chocolate ones :O)

Number 2:
Easter Monday. On Easter Monday small whistling birds made of baked clay (Péckvillercher in Luxembourgish) are sold at the « Marché-aux-poissons », just behind the Palace of the Grand Dukes. There are as well other small things on sale and traditional German sausages.. DELICIOUS.. so if you are in Luxembourg one day during Easter Monday... I highly recommend to have an apperitive of Käsewurst, zum Beispiel... while visiting the market.

This year, though it was raining like hell, it was very crowded.

Cheers my friends!!

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