Apr 15, 2012

I write like Cory Doctorow!!!

Dear all, 

Internet is quite funny. I was about to publish a couple of pending posts, when suddenly I've come across a website that compares your writing style against official / recognised writers.

I couldn't publish anything before, because I'd been sick but now that I feel better, you will be able to read, asap, about "hospitals in Luxembourg" (very promising), "Easter", and probably Vianden... (still don't know whether it's worthy enoug).

Well, the ISSUE is :) - I love how certain words sound: issue, contagious...- that I was writing a recommendation letter for an ex-colleague, and then while revising it I started to look for examples on the internet.

Indeed it's not that easy. US vs UK vs Europe...  Business vs MBA vs PhD vs University...  Of course the "target" is important and I like being precise and taking care of the content as well as the form. So, I started looking for some reliable examples and, when I was totally lost reading a forum in which the discussion was about how to state the date: 15th April 2012 vs 15 April 2012... (in fact there was no conclussion about this topic), I found that website.

Inmediately I randomly copied / pasted a couple of posts from the blog.. and it has happened to be like Cory Doctorow in both texts...!

Amazing. I am not educated at all, and I didn't know anything about this author before. Next weekend I'll try to look for a book of him or press article in Ernster Library.

I hope he doesn't make the mistakes I make and writes better than I do!!!!: I never considered myself like "a writer"... but you know.. what can you find on internet apart from nonsenses???



P.S. I take this joke from the music hall "Avenue Q"

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