Apr 2, 2012

Mondorf - les - Bains

Dear all

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Today, though I went to the office, I am sick and now I am writing this few lines in bed....

I know that some time has passed but I've been enjoying every single second the past three (or four) weekends....

Some weeks ago I went to Mondorf - les - Bains. (This blog looks more and more a "traveller guide" :O) ).

Mondorf is a small town in the border, close to France. Indeed all in the Grand Duchy is "close to the border", but in this case you actually can cross the street and be in France: BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR DATA ROAMING!!!! ;O)

This town is famous for various things.

a) As its name clearly indicates "Les Bains".

It has the most well known thermal spa in Luxembourg. Many people go there to receive heath care.

The ancient building is much more beautiful than the new one. Together, they form a huge thermal complex.

b) It's the residence of one of the Schleck brothers.... (for more details search on google Tour de France).

c) John Grün.

John Grün, known as Herkul Grün, was believed to be the strongest man in the world in the XIX Century.

Mondorf is very proud of him. 

He was considered without any doubt the strongest man in the world when he emigrated to the United States. There, a professional athlete found out that John could move very easily beer barrels.. and convinced him of becoming a member of "The Marx Brothers": a strongman partnership.

He became very popular and was considered the strongest until his very end in Ettelbruck.

d) The Casino...

e) I would say the architecture of some buildings: Jugendstil or, in French, Art Nouveau.

Please find below a couple of pictures :)


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