Apr 2, 2012

The smuggler!

I've done a round trip in Brussels during the weekend... Brussels as beautiful as usual, and even more beautiful the charming landscape that you can see from the train. Stations from the XIX Century, forest, clairstreams, rivers,....

The story begins just before leaving. As usual, I was rushing: I had to get out of the office, drive home, change my clothes, pick up the suitcase, leave the laptop and run to the station to catch the train at 7:20 in order to arrive at a "decent" hour in Brussels...

As usual, I open the mailbox and I have a couple of oranges from the empress... :)

The train was delayed, meaning that not only the "underdeveloped" spaniards are late..... or the italians... The few times I had to take the train in Switzerland it was delayed and here, in Luxembourg, THE GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG, the first time I had to take the train it was delayed...

Maybe "North Europeans" (starting as "North of Europe": France) should review the concept, the cliché they have about Spanish: 
- 2 hours for lunch break (who??, please gimme 1 example, just 1!!!!).
- Bullfights
- "Ole" (and they don't even know what it means)
- Sun and heat
- Flamenco
- Paella
- Always late...

Bloody hell !!!!! I am tired of hearing that.... it's like "Japan - Geisha", "British - Drunk that never takes a shower or doesn't eat properly", "American - Uneducated who cannot situate Spain on the map", "Italian - Mafia", "French - arrogant" and so on.

I am tired of all clichés. If I don't beleve any of them because I have a minimum of respect, why do the people keep making the same mistakes, at least in my presence???.

I don't list all the things that I really believe about the others based on facts because I don't want to infer from those facts (that actually have happened to me) that all the population labeled under the same nationality are """"""........

Anyway,  after my pertinent complaint (I am a complainer! :O) ), I can continue.

Since I got many oranges but I didn't have (yet) to help my lovely old neighbour in opening her next dose of vitamins I thought on buying a small present for her.. and I decided to buy some small Easter Eggs made of Belgian chocolate.

By the way, two curious things about Belgium that I've learnt this weekend: 

1. The Tour of Flanders (my "Flandes") is very popular, takes 1 day and took place last Sunday (1st of April).

2. The architecture of the end of the Middle Age and Renaissance, (such as the building in the Vermeer's painting I keep as a screen backgroung in the blog) is called by Belgian, "Spanish style".

Comming back to the issue...

When I arrived home, I opened her mailbox to put them in... and surprisingly, there were Goji berries, newspapers, and many many things....  so I decided to wait 1 day because there was no space.

Today.. I went downstairs and I got a postcard from her in my mailbox "thank you for the berries" BUT THIS TIME IT WASN'T ME!!!!, meaninig that either somebody made a mistake and left her the "merchandise" :O), or somebody is using our mailboxes to pass stuff :O)

Of course I'm kidding... 

Let's see how it finishes, because for the time being, I just left her another postcard, with the Belgian chocolates telling her that I was not the one who gave her the Goji berries... SHE MUST HAVE ANOTHER SECRET ADMIRER!!!!!!

Although she is old... I am jealous!!!!!



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