Apr 2, 2012



In Luxembourg the sun shines as well, and spring comes at a certain point.

To celebrate the beginning of the season, in Luxembourg some wooden structures are burnt at midnight and, suddenly, the conversations are not anymore about the weather or about when the A7 will be finished but about "this evening I've to urgently wash my convertible car to drive it without the capote".

In my case, that I have a crappy clio (of course, non convertible)... I was suddenly panic-stricken!!!!


It's very terrifying when from one day to another all the cars seem to have new wheels and all the whispers you hear are about "no, apparently they melt at 7ºC"... For God's sake!!! I am SPANISH: I've never changed the tires.... I don't know the "melting temperature" and stuff like that.

I called the garage to see whether they had tires in their inventory and a Saturday morning at 8:00 I went to change them. I was saved!!!!

Now I am wondering when it's raining again.. because my car needs a wash. Here in Luxembourg people also writes on your glass "dirty pig, wash your car!!!". :O)

Anyway, I was that excited with the spring, that I even had my first telephone conversation in French. I couldn't speak any word... (because I still don't speak it) but we understood each other.

-Do you speak English?
-No: only French...

and we were condemned to understand each other after a huge effort on my side :O)

It was something about the work in progress of my sidewalk... but nothing relevant in this moment.

During the weekend, I woke up very early, proud of myself, with the energy that only the sun can provide one with, and after cleaning, and wearing summer clothes, I went to have breakfast at a pâtisserie, at Route d'Itzig.... 

A just baked croissant, a fantastic coffee, reading the newspaper with my sunglasses :)

Shopping, sunbathing, walking, ... having a gin-tonic at a friend's terrace, having friends for coffee after lunch, doing my stuff in my terrace...

The only thing that I disliked was the following:

After the gintonincs, I went with a couple of friends to a nice restaurant close to Senningerberg town: the small village of Hostert. This place preserves the old train station which connected the city to Luxembourg. Lovely!!

Just in front of the old station, there is a restaurant, Owstellgleis, in which Luxembourgish food is served. Owstellgleis, is the Luxembourgish word for the railway used to park the trains.

I liked the food, the place... everything but the bill. In the bill they were charging us 1 € each "for charity purposes".... Don't misunderstand my words... I am not against charity but against imposed charity and furthermore, without any extra information about it....

Anyway... very positive balance!!!!!


  1. Thank goodness you're a responsible guy. If I were you, my tires would be totally melted there! I don't care a sh#t for cars!

    Now spring has arrived, Luxembourg sounds much more appealing (and even more if you mention gin tonics! :-P)

    PS: thanks for allowing anonymous comments ;-)

    1. Trustme you would have done the same... because here in Luxembourg if you make a mistake you'll pay it. And Luxembourg is not cheap at all....