Apr 26, 2012

Translator in Luxembourg... and rude people

Hi guys again!!!

Some time ago, I met a translator in Luxembourg.

Since in Luxembourg everybody speaks many languages, and use them on a daily basis, and translate things.. the role of the translator is really required for official places such as the European institutions or the Luxembourgish administration.. and also in these cases, a translator is "nobody".

I met one and he was a bit bitter, defending his role..... he was the only one talking and all people around just listening and smiling, very understanding.... and "agreeing" with everything to not let him feel badly.

I fully agree if we talk about working in the office.. but outside the non-resident or the non-luxembourgish tend to not speak as many languages as residents do.

Indeed I miss the role of a translator on a daily basis since I don't speak French...

One day, one of my rude neighbours, greeted me "Salut, ça va???" and after my "ça va merci" I asked him whether he could ask the workers about 1 issue we were having in the sidewalk, next to our house and his answer was...

"NOOOO, maybe you should ask by yourself.. Probably they don't speak French, and you may understand each other as they are Portugese or somewhere Southern European... "

PARDON??? The only missing thing in that sentence is "fucking immigrant!!!" and "Go home to your own country".

I ask to myself.. but this barbarian.. what does he think?, who does he think he is??, does he even allow himself to believe he can be better than me??, is this ignorant barbarian thinking than the Spanish language is a "secondary" one?, doesn't he know Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca, el Marqués de Santillana, Quevedo, Góngora, Garcilaso de la Vega, Iriarte, Samaniego, Fray Luis de León, Bécquer, Pio Baroja, Jacinto Benavente, Pérez Galdós, Moratín, Jovellanos, Larra, Ortega y Gasset, Zorrilla, Tirso de Molina, Jorge Manrique, Valle-Inclán "and many more"???

I wonder...( and I say it without the aim of contemp)... How many writers in the world Literature has given the Luxembourgish language??? How can he associate one of the most beautiful languages on Earth to underdeveloped countries, uneducated people, and so on??? How isn't this person able to separate the idea of immigrant to other ideas??

When I speak French.. If I have the occasion.. I will remark that these "underdeveloped" countries / people have a cultural background, a flavour, that brings us to a position of privilege that he hasn't....

Anyway.. that's all for the time being....


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