May 31, 2012

Hot heading for this post....

Sorry but I can't decide how to name this post.......

On the one hand, we're in the middle of  Le Tour de Luxembourg :)... I don't know whether it's relevant in the circuit as il Giro d'Italia, Le Tour de France or La Vuelta a España... because it's one of the smallest countries in the world..... 

Still don't know why it takes several days.

On the other hand, TOMORROW, it will take place La fête des Voisins, which is something to know 'who is who' in the neighborhood. It can be funny: meeting all the old people :) I can see it "je m'appelle... et vous??? Comment allez vous??? Puis je vous poser une petite question????" :P

BUT the news is that my neighbour, "the smuggler", "the cougar", the one who has just left 3 tomatoes in my mailbox... has asked me whether I am going.. adding at the end of the letter "I will be lucky if I finally meet you!!!"

THIS IS TURNING HOT!!!! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

I'll try to be there because I really want to know who lives in this kind of "Wisteria Lane" and maybe she wants me to open another bottle of pills.. who knows!?

Take care!!!

BTW: Again, a woman has asked me directly from which part of Italy I come from... Yes, I know Iook Italian.. but from Napoli??? :) She was from Napoli.. Hopefully in several years nobody would be able to guess where I come from........................

Ja!!!!, snell!!!! sofort!!! (getting crazy) ;O) 


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