May 29, 2012

I am starving, however, you deserve this

Dear all…

Another reason for which I haven’t been writing that often this month is that I have discovered another paradise in the Grand Duchy: the Upper Sûre Natural Park.

The Sauer (Sûre in French) is the river rising in Vaux-sur-Sûre, in the Belgian Ardennes, and which crosses the Grand Duchy, being a left tributary of the Moselle in Germany. This is the river of Echternach, the one which irrigates part of the vineyards from Grevenmacher and shapes the border between Germany and Luxembourg.

In the upper West of the country there is a natural park, with many species of animals, forest and a dam, which forms Le Lac de la Haute-Sûr: a fantastic lake which surrounds with charm small villages such as Insenborn or Esch sur Sûr. Besides, it supplies more than two thirds of the drinkable water of the country.

Swimming, canoeing, sailing without any engine are permitted. This paradise is located 55km far from Luxembourg city and it has saved my last weekend in which I wanted to go by the sea in the Belgian coast. Finally I couldn't go because everything was fully booked in The Netherlands, Belgium and the French coast till Calais. Unbelievable. :)

Fortunately I have enjoyed the lake and all the possibilities it offers. I have done something crazy and dangerous (at least to me), which is crossing it twice ("return ticket")... For me it's a big deal because I never practise any sports, I am not fit and where I crossed it, it's about 250 meters wide, which makes a total of about 450-500 meters.

Of course there must be somebody else to not behave in an understanding way... such one of my Luxembourgish friends.. who told me afterwards... "That's what I always do... 3 times" :).

Another Luxembourgish friend of mine (the one who discovered to me this wonder), adviced me to swim in a "secret" part of the lake.  (Not that secret, but at least not crowded). The anecdote is that once you leave the small road, you continue driving in a steep ramp, endining in a forestal road with a barrier. A friend of his parked in front of the barrier and when he came back, the police had left him a fine there! :) So, be careful with the police in Luxembourg because, fortunately makes you comply with the law and it's fully effective :)))

Anyway, enjoy it.. and if one day you have the opportunity of going, please preserve the natural environment.

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