May 29, 2012

Notre Dame de Luxembourg

Dear all

I have been very lazy these days... but the spring / summer time has arrived together with a steep increase of my vagrancy....

Besides I have hosted another friend, meaning that I've had to postpone many of my normal "obligations".... 

It has been very funny and totally unexpected. He just called me one night after midnight... "I am buying the tickets".... and several days later, he was here, respecting the rules, not touching the walls, and so on.

The weather was fantastic.(Let's see next year what happens because for the time being, all the stupids who told me "Luxembourg.... what a crappy weather"... "It's close to Rheinland Pfalz... where every kid is born together with an umbrella"... were wrong). Additionally he could enjoy the last days of Luxembourg's feast and the kick off for the sales period with all the shopping stalls on the streets.

I am improving as a guide man... we made the traditional "ville-haute", "grund", "golden mile" and Petrusse valley in Luxembourg as well as Echternach and Vianden. He loved the greenery of Luxembourg, THE COWS!, the impressing city walls, and enjoyed the little train for kids (which by the way, is free). 

However, what he liked most was the food: these strawberries coated in molten chocolate, "churros" (like the Spanish ones) or the traditional German hamburguer... Delicious!!! :)

Have a look!

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