Jun 27, 2012

National holiday

The National Holiday!!!

Remind me to write down the dates of the events, just in case any of you want to participate in one of them....

The National Holiday took place the last weekend. In fact it's the 23rd of June and there are events on the 22nd and the 23rd.

For me it was funny.

There were many things but I only could go to the ones after work on Friday and the remaining ones on Saturday, just before falling asleep for 5 hours... :)

I was meeting a colleague from the office at the post office in "Aldringen", (the meeting point in Luxembourg for everybody) and while he was arriving, a drunk young guy who was waiting with somebody else (drunk as well) for someone else.. (TOO MANY "ELSE"'s in this sentence!!!)... approached to me, and asked me:

"Lëtzebuerger???" (not yet)
"Français???" (not encore)
"English???" and then we started talking.

It's funny how fear makes people bigger. This guy was at least 10 years younger than me and even thinner (which is not that easy). In anycase, in the minute he talked to me and I was wanting my colleague to arrive more than ever, he mentioned that music in Luxembourg is too commercial.... That's it but my adrenaline sharply increased!!!

Well, coming back to the National Holiday... Luxembourg was crowded. I don't know why they don't celebrate more things in this way if they love partying that much.

There were people every where. There were music bands in several places in the centre.

When my colleague arrived we went together first to the "Torch Parade". We were at Knuedler, just in front of the City Hall. There was a platform on which the Grand Duke, family and personalities were sitting down while the parade was passing by.

With all my respect I didn't like the parade. It's picturesque, but I didn't like it.

a) the band was playing either the beginning of the 20th century fox soundtrack for their movies with the drums... (which of course, leads me to think in another stuff).
b) the military marchs they were playing for the parade seemed to be taken from a Marx Brother's movie.

So in the end, my mind was expecting Groucho Marx to suddely appear jumping over there, to greet the Royal Family. :O)

In the parade there were, apart from the police, the army, etc., several associations such as (I am inventing the names and please, no big deal, I don't want anybody to feel offended. my apologies in advance) "little scouts from Luxembourg", "lovers of dogs", "primary school of wherever", "we love swimming pools association", "we like dressing with typical period dresses" and so on. They had a kind of small harvester with the flag, and behind the flag the people with the banner and the torches...

There were as well a Portuguese group and another one from somewhere else... 

With regard to the Portughese group they graceless danced in front of the Duke something typical..  and the others, yes, they were better dancers but behind me there were a couple of Italians (with no idea) commenting: they must be Spanish.. look at their hats of bullfighters... ---- as you can imagine, they could be from anywhere except from Spain ----, precisely for the hat, the dress, the dance, the race, the EVERYTHING.

By contrast there were many old Luxembourgish liking it pretty much "ja ja".. :O).

Then we moved to the "Balcony of Europe" to see the fireworks. They set them in Adolphe Bridge so from every point of the city can be seen. MARVELLOUS. I like fireworks a lot and these, I can say, are among the best ones I've ever seen. I had never seen before a waterfall of fire.. 

Finally (to end with Friday), we went to one of the outdoor parties for a while and then back home.

On Saturday, there was a Te Deum in the Cathedral, a military parade in front of Arcelor Mittal (Av. de la Liberté), games for kids, more music, .. I went out to take a hamburger from one of those German mobile places :))) The price is 3,50 € let's see next year how much it costs!!! :O) 

On TV, RTL Luxembourg, the whole day talking about the national holiday... and interviews to the son of the Grand Duke. I must confess that he seems to be "un mec sympa et cool". How charming he seems to be. How funny and natural. I've done a "kinda" research / survey and I am not the only one who thinks that. The interviewer laughing and this kind of person whom you pay attention to when whe talks.... 

Anyway.. I don't wanna this post to be the longest in the world...  have a look at the crappy pics I took in the night with my cell......

Take care


BTW: the big Luxembourgish flag in the Balcony of Europe with the goldened "H" and the crown means the name of the Duke: Henry. And by chance, his brithday is on the 22nd :)


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