Jul 31, 2012

Things happening in the Duchy

What should I do?

relaxing and going swimming this weekend (which is what I really wanna do) and if I can, to visit Metz???? or staying at home, visiting the palace and going to the medieval market in Vianden???

I don't know. The palace is normally closed I got the tickets in the waiting list...

:O( This is not like the cars............................... I NEED YOUR ADVICE!!!!!


I am visiting Sicily the last week of august. Any of my readers can give me any tip about it???? what to visit, what I have to do, etc etc??? I'd really appreciate that!

Grazie mille ed alla prossima!!!!!!!

Lady smuggler is rude

My dear all

You never expect that your people are less mannered as you are. Or at least this is what I expect, because I am quite well mannered.

My neighbour had been leaving me more fruit, vegetables, un-identified grocery elements and the Financial Times.. so I decided to look for goji berries for her.

Nobody in Luxembourg has ever heard of them. How come! there were so trendy in Spain and in some shops they were even substituting the french fries!...

Finally I chose some raspberry and other blueberries tea in a nice box and I left it with a note

"I hope you are fine..." (because a couple of days before she wrote me that she was feeling like the shit a cat brings home from outside..), "I had been looking for your berries...but I got you some raspberry tea"...


- I'll learn to like it
- I don't need goji berries
In which moment has she become nasty? She leaves me a lot of things that I dislike but I say just "thanks, you didn't have to".

I can't leave in this world anymore...

Becoming posh...

I am terrified.

I am becoming a posh guy. What I thought I would never happen to me. (I've always had "a touch" of posh but not that much).

I used to say: "please, before becoming like that, I die!!".. "let me know when I become that stupid"...

Apparently nobody warned me and last Sunday I was supposed to visit le Palais Ducale with some friends but as we didn't reserve in advance we didn't get the tickets.

I was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo, a couple of shorters, my white sleepers (everything avec la correspondance des couleurs et tissus) and as if we were in Almería minimum or Egypt... a couple of big big big aviator RayBan sunglasses.

Of course THERE WAS NO SUN, we had 19 degrees but "just in case" I was wearing such an outfit. Not even Victoria Beckham. Not even my Japanese friend who is quite trendy and has strict fashion rules would have dressed like that. 

So we went to a small place - so called KONRAD - close to the palace to grab a drink and keep being ultra posh. 

This place was what people would denominate nowadays "a cosy place" with armchairs, small tea tables and some corners with vintage decoration. (Effectively nothing was matching but we were posh for 1 day, stupid forever.. ). ;O)

This place happened to be a "bio-we care so much about nature-and sale weird products". The waitress directly spoke to us in English because she was a foreigner.. and for the first time we didn't have to play the game "moien" (greeting in Luxembourgish), "Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?? Nous ne parlons pas bon français" (Begging in French to talk in another language)... so she asked us what we wanted an I, as a charming provincian guy happen to order an Aquarius.

AQUARIUS. OH MY GOD YOU SINNER!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! ordering a "coca-cola branded" drink in a biological place!!!.

You can imagine the face of the waitress... However, I took my revenge: I asked her what she had.. and SHE DIDN'T KNOW. 

L'eusses-tu cru? :O) So I order a lemonade which finally had appel taste, no lemon and was sparkling. I read the label just out of curiosity and I must recognize that the "bio thing" is totally fake.

It's quite convenient, quite practical being posh in such a place.. because you just say yes to what your friends say: the armchairs are so separated that you can't hear at all what people sitting around are saying........ I'll take my next visitors to this bar 

hehehe :O)

take care

Jul 26, 2012

Sick of advices!!!!!!!!!

Dear all,

I am thinking of buying a car.... Plucking the daisy: I buy it, I don’t, I buy, I don’t .... WE ALL KNOW THAT I EVEN FOR CHOOSING A BUNCH OF CLIPS I need a MsExcel spreadsheet "as a tool for decision" with opinions, references, features ... blah blah blah in the end for nothing, because finally I always pick up what I wanted in the very beginning...
With the car issue, it’s the same ... but with the only difference that I'm already sick of advice. Yesterday, I spoke to a friend of mine and I said "Maybe I buy a car" and then she replied, "But do not ask for a loan, if you crash you have to keep paying!".
Not to mention that if I crash.. paying the loan would be the minor problem I had
F*CK ALL THE PEOPLE AND THEIR "WISE ADVICES! Nobody tells you "oh, it's great, buy a nice one and if you can, buy me another one": everyone says sarcastically (and with the best intentions):

  • Puffffff: this brand brings many problems ... (and which one doesn’t?? ...! I don’t know any!!  I still remember the story of one of the safest and least spoil that had to be found all over the world to detect the problem and repair it for free to everyone: it had to be something quite serious! ..)
  • Puffffff: but it is very expensive!
  • Puffffff: that colour is very dirty!
  • Puffffffffff: in that colour all the scratches are a lot more visible...!!.
  • Pufffffffffff: the insurance premium is gonna be huge ... "the more horses..."
  • Pufffff: and why do you want a car so big?
  • Or.. Puffff: do you want a car so small???
  • Or ... heyyyyyyyyyy how many horses! But you… why do you want to drive so fast???
  • Or... But how few horses!
  • Puffffffffff: if you crash .................
  • No, what you need is a reliable and powerful car (isn’t it a bit inconsistent with the previous statements???!??)
  • Pufffffffffff: if you crash and you have a loan .....
  • Puffffffffffffff: it is very large
  • Puffffffffffff: it is very small
  • Puffffffffffff:diesel ... maybe in winter, the filter ....
  • Puffffffffffff: gasoline: more expensive .... Estimate the miles you will drive in your whole life, estimate the cost and you'll see whether it’s convenient!!
  • Puffffffffffffff: no time for the hybrids yet ..........................
  • Pufffffffffff: repairs are quite expensive on that model .....................
  • Pfffffffffffffffffffff why don’t you buy it in (i.e.) New Zealand. There, they are there almost free!
  • Listen, I have an acquaintance who .....
And the Luxembourgish variants:
  • Cabrio??? There is no sun in Luxembourg!!!!
  • Buy a cabrio: Luxembourg is not like the South of Europe: you can complete open it and not melt with the sun.
  • If the car is very low you cannot move in the snow.
  • If the car is very high (or a convertible) and you lose stability and you will definitely knock over
  • It is essential to have in Luxembourg ...
  • It has to be very small for driving in Luxembourg… otherwise you cannot park - said the one who owns an Audi Q7 Phantom - (no bigger car). On the other hand … obviously he has not ever driven in Madrid ... where you park in 1 parking space 4 cars.

No, currently if I, eventually, buy a car, it’ll be the most expensive and horrible one basing my decision on the FEAR & Expenses… as "Ros" (the Friends’ character), "THE SAFEST IN ITS CLASS"  I'm sick of everything! TIRED!.
  • I do not buy a diesel nor a gasoline nor a hybrid
  • The horses are "fair enough" , I don’t drive fast nor slowly (acceleration from 0 to 100 is "the fair one”)
  • No worries about the insurance
  • I won’t crash: cars will just bump me
  • The skates are a cabrio, coupé and berlina at the same time depending on my coat
  • Less noticeable scratches
  • A lot cheaper
  • “changing tires” is easy and cheap ...
  • Nor big nor small
  • "I park" where I want
  • And I can import them from New Zealand...

Jul 24, 2012

Jazz Rally

Just to mention this....

2 days ago (21/07/2012) we had the Jazz rally. For free you can go to the Grund district and enjoy the best jazz & blues bands. 

I liked one of them pretty much and also the environment is quite nice. All Luxembourg is there and there are also the typical places with fried stuff for dinner (from churros to hamburgers or sausages) :O) mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM.

Seriously. A date to take into account to visit Lux-ville.

It starts like at 21:30 until 1:00. :) Once a year.

By the way.. I don't know whether I am writing more posts until September: I am going on holidays and maybe nothing relevant happens in this couple of weeks.

If I can't write more.. see you in September!!!

Take care and be good! :)

I am lazy....Pfaffenthal

Dear all,

I am being quite lazy these days... no friends visiting, no good weather.. just tired and not in the mood for anything.

Fortunately, I've a colleague who likes walking around and from Bonnevoie we walked to Kirchberg and came back through Pfaffenthal.

It's an interesting route.

We took Avenue de la Porte Neuve and turned right over the red bridge (Roud Bréck) towards la Philarmonie and the European institutions.

Then, we continued through the Luxembourg's castle Fort Thüngen (known as Drei Eechelen), close to the MUDAM.

It was scary passing through the fortress in the night. Trespassing the walls, going through "secret" passageways... quite impressing.!

The view over the city was awesome. Then we continued in the woods until Pfaffenthal.

Pfaffenthal is a district of Luxembourg in the valley of the Alzette (obviously just between the old town and Kirchberg). It is part of the city in which in the past, ill people with incurable diseases such as lepra, were forced to live.

The curious thing (it can be read on a banner over the bridge) is that the first waterworks and watermill of the city were placed there. 

The Pfaffenthal district preserves various monuments of the ancient city such as the bridge, some walls, a tower, an old cemetery, and typical buildings. A Roman road used to cross that forest in the past, and there is also an old railway crossing the Alzette river.

The old monastery of Altmünster and just close to it, one of the oldest water mills in the country are quite worthy to see. Besides, to arrive in the centre again, one has to climb up a hill in which passes through several doors of the old city until Saint Michael Church...

Just do it.

Take care!

Jul 1, 2012

Lululand 0 - Italy 1

Again, I don't want anybody to be offended but this weekend I am feeling quite... how to express it!!!

What I mean is that though I like Luxembourg, I am "making an effort" to like it as well, and this weekend I am really sick of Luxembourg. No extra effort can be made.

French people call it "lulu land, or lulu ville (lux city)"... this can go for another post. I don't care.

The thing is that today it's the final of the Eurocup. Spain vs Italy. I spoke to my cousin yesterday, (who is living in Rome, the greatest city in the world) and I mentioned:

- "yeahh. I might go to Knuedler to watch the match"

 and she answered naturally...

- "oh yes! I am going to the Circo Massimo"

(yes, the foundation of the EU, bla bla bla but what's that??)....

There is a footprint of culture, civilization and development not only in the city but in the inhabitants that I would like to enjoy.

I like the "multiculti" stuff but there is a limit. I'd like to enjoy that beauty as well... It's a pity that jobs related to my field are mainly in Milano.. because I would ask for a transfer to Rome TODAY!

Take care!