Jul 31, 2012

Becoming posh...

I am terrified.

I am becoming a posh guy. What I thought I would never happen to me. (I've always had "a touch" of posh but not that much).

I used to say: "please, before becoming like that, I die!!".. "let me know when I become that stupid"...

Apparently nobody warned me and last Sunday I was supposed to visit le Palais Ducale with some friends but as we didn't reserve in advance we didn't get the tickets.

I was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo, a couple of shorters, my white sleepers (everything avec la correspondance des couleurs et tissus) and as if we were in Almería minimum or Egypt... a couple of big big big aviator RayBan sunglasses.

Of course THERE WAS NO SUN, we had 19 degrees but "just in case" I was wearing such an outfit. Not even Victoria Beckham. Not even my Japanese friend who is quite trendy and has strict fashion rules would have dressed like that. 

So we went to a small place - so called KONRAD - close to the palace to grab a drink and keep being ultra posh. 

This place was what people would denominate nowadays "a cosy place" with armchairs, small tea tables and some corners with vintage decoration. (Effectively nothing was matching but we were posh for 1 day, stupid forever.. ). ;O)

This place happened to be a "bio-we care so much about nature-and sale weird products". The waitress directly spoke to us in English because she was a foreigner.. and for the first time we didn't have to play the game "moien" (greeting in Luxembourgish), "Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?? Nous ne parlons pas bon français" (Begging in French to talk in another language)... so she asked us what we wanted an I, as a charming provincian guy happen to order an Aquarius.

AQUARIUS. OH MY GOD YOU SINNER!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! ordering a "coca-cola branded" drink in a biological place!!!.

You can imagine the face of the waitress... However, I took my revenge: I asked her what she had.. and SHE DIDN'T KNOW. 

L'eusses-tu cru? :O) So I order a lemonade which finally had appel taste, no lemon and was sparkling. I read the label just out of curiosity and I must recognize that the "bio thing" is totally fake.

It's quite convenient, quite practical being posh in such a place.. because you just say yes to what your friends say: the armchairs are so separated that you can't hear at all what people sitting around are saying........ I'll take my next visitors to this bar 

hehehe :O)

take care

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