Jul 24, 2012

I am lazy....Pfaffenthal

Dear all,

I am being quite lazy these days... no friends visiting, no good weather.. just tired and not in the mood for anything.

Fortunately, I've a colleague who likes walking around and from Bonnevoie we walked to Kirchberg and came back through Pfaffenthal.

It's an interesting route.

We took Avenue de la Porte Neuve and turned right over the red bridge (Roud Bréck) towards la Philarmonie and the European institutions.

Then, we continued through the Luxembourg's castle Fort Thüngen (known as Drei Eechelen), close to the MUDAM.

It was scary passing through the fortress in the night. Trespassing the walls, going through "secret" passageways... quite impressing.!

The view over the city was awesome. Then we continued in the woods until Pfaffenthal.

Pfaffenthal is a district of Luxembourg in the valley of the Alzette (obviously just between the old town and Kirchberg). It is part of the city in which in the past, ill people with incurable diseases such as lepra, were forced to live.

The curious thing (it can be read on a banner over the bridge) is that the first waterworks and watermill of the city were placed there. 

The Pfaffenthal district preserves various monuments of the ancient city such as the bridge, some walls, a tower, an old cemetery, and typical buildings. A Roman road used to cross that forest in the past, and there is also an old railway crossing the Alzette river.

The old monastery of Altmünster and just close to it, one of the oldest water mills in the country are quite worthy to see. Besides, to arrive in the centre again, one has to climb up a hill in which passes through several doors of the old city until Saint Michael Church...

Just do it.

Take care!

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