Jul 24, 2012

Jazz Rally

Just to mention this....

2 days ago (21/07/2012) we had the Jazz rally. For free you can go to the Grund district and enjoy the best jazz & blues bands. 

I liked one of them pretty much and also the environment is quite nice. All Luxembourg is there and there are also the typical places with fried stuff for dinner (from churros to hamburgers or sausages) :O) mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM.

Seriously. A date to take into account to visit Lux-ville.

It starts like at 21:30 until 1:00. :) Once a year.

By the way.. I don't know whether I am writing more posts until September: I am going on holidays and maybe nothing relevant happens in this couple of weeks.

If I can't write more.. see you in September!!!

Take care and be good! :)

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