Jul 31, 2012

Lady smuggler is rude

My dear all

You never expect that your people are less mannered as you are. Or at least this is what I expect, because I am quite well mannered.

My neighbour had been leaving me more fruit, vegetables, un-identified grocery elements and the Financial Times.. so I decided to look for goji berries for her.

Nobody in Luxembourg has ever heard of them. How come! there were so trendy in Spain and in some shops they were even substituting the french fries!...

Finally I chose some raspberry and other blueberries tea in a nice box and I left it with a note

"I hope you are fine..." (because a couple of days before she wrote me that she was feeling like the shit a cat brings home from outside..), "I had been looking for your berries...but I got you some raspberry tea"...


- I'll learn to like it
- I don't need goji berries
In which moment has she become nasty? She leaves me a lot of things that I dislike but I say just "thanks, you didn't have to".

I can't leave in this world anymore...

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