Jul 26, 2012

Sick of advices!!!!!!!!!

Dear all,

I am thinking of buying a car.... Plucking the daisy: I buy it, I don’t, I buy, I don’t .... WE ALL KNOW THAT I EVEN FOR CHOOSING A BUNCH OF CLIPS I need a MsExcel spreadsheet "as a tool for decision" with opinions, references, features ... blah blah blah in the end for nothing, because finally I always pick up what I wanted in the very beginning...
With the car issue, it’s the same ... but with the only difference that I'm already sick of advice. Yesterday, I spoke to a friend of mine and I said "Maybe I buy a car" and then she replied, "But do not ask for a loan, if you crash you have to keep paying!".
Not to mention that if I crash.. paying the loan would be the minor problem I had
F*CK ALL THE PEOPLE AND THEIR "WISE ADVICES! Nobody tells you "oh, it's great, buy a nice one and if you can, buy me another one": everyone says sarcastically (and with the best intentions):

  • Puffffff: this brand brings many problems ... (and which one doesn’t?? ...! I don’t know any!!  I still remember the story of one of the safest and least spoil that had to be found all over the world to detect the problem and repair it for free to everyone: it had to be something quite serious! ..)
  • Puffffff: but it is very expensive!
  • Puffffff: that colour is very dirty!
  • Puffffffffff: in that colour all the scratches are a lot more visible...!!.
  • Pufffffffffff: the insurance premium is gonna be huge ... "the more horses..."
  • Pufffff: and why do you want a car so big?
  • Or.. Puffff: do you want a car so small???
  • Or ... heyyyyyyyyyy how many horses! But you… why do you want to drive so fast???
  • Or... But how few horses!
  • Puffffffffff: if you crash .................
  • No, what you need is a reliable and powerful car (isn’t it a bit inconsistent with the previous statements???!??)
  • Pufffffffffff: if you crash and you have a loan .....
  • Puffffffffffffff: it is very large
  • Puffffffffffff: it is very small
  • Puffffffffffff:diesel ... maybe in winter, the filter ....
  • Puffffffffffff: gasoline: more expensive .... Estimate the miles you will drive in your whole life, estimate the cost and you'll see whether it’s convenient!!
  • Puffffffffffffff: no time for the hybrids yet ..........................
  • Pufffffffffff: repairs are quite expensive on that model .....................
  • Pfffffffffffffffffffff why don’t you buy it in (i.e.) New Zealand. There, they are there almost free!
  • Listen, I have an acquaintance who .....
And the Luxembourgish variants:
  • Cabrio??? There is no sun in Luxembourg!!!!
  • Buy a cabrio: Luxembourg is not like the South of Europe: you can complete open it and not melt with the sun.
  • If the car is very low you cannot move in the snow.
  • If the car is very high (or a convertible) and you lose stability and you will definitely knock over
  • It is essential to have in Luxembourg ...
  • It has to be very small for driving in Luxembourg… otherwise you cannot park - said the one who owns an Audi Q7 Phantom - (no bigger car). On the other hand … obviously he has not ever driven in Madrid ... where you park in 1 parking space 4 cars.

No, currently if I, eventually, buy a car, it’ll be the most expensive and horrible one basing my decision on the FEAR & Expenses… as "Ros" (the Friends’ character), "THE SAFEST IN ITS CLASS"  I'm sick of everything! TIRED!.
  • I do not buy a diesel nor a gasoline nor a hybrid
  • The horses are "fair enough" , I don’t drive fast nor slowly (acceleration from 0 to 100 is "the fair one”)
  • No worries about the insurance
  • I won’t crash: cars will just bump me
  • The skates are a cabrio, coupé and berlina at the same time depending on my coat
  • Less noticeable scratches
  • A lot cheaper
  • “changing tires” is easy and cheap ...
  • Nor big nor small
  • "I park" where I want
  • And I can import them from New Zealand...

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