Sep 29, 2012

Back from holidays...

Dear all,

It's been a long time since my last post. I know I am lazy but to be honest I didn't have the time to write. I have been working a lot, then I got sick and several things have occupied my time.

For instance, last week I went one day to the opera. Le Nozze di Figaro: one of the greatest, and though the performance was not the best.. I really enjoyed it. AND YES: IT IS CONFIRMED: MOZART WAS A GENIOUS!!!. What an opera!! what a feeling of forgiveness at the end just by listening to the music!! How funny! :O)

Yesterday I went to Trier, to the Theatre.. again a good time. When I crossed the border and I saw again the old frontier control I started thinking of how lucky we are with the Schengen Treaty and the freedom of movement within the EU. It is not just for the inconvenience of stopping or asking for a visa... I also thought of the wars occured in Europe and how fragile is the Europe we have built: what has taken ages to agree, to built up.. can very easily fall down.. It brought to my mind the famous "Checkpoint Charlie" in Berlin. No words: only feelings..

Anyway, I have to leave you. Just to let you know how tired I am: yesterday I just slept for 2 hours (I couldn't fall asleep). Today at 7:45 I had an appointment to change the winter tires, and then I did the monthly shopping. OMG!. When I relized the fact that I couldn't pull the trolley anymore or what I bought was actually bigger that the space I have in my car.. PFF What a nightmare!

Take care and see you soon!

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