Oct 17, 2012

French people vs German people

True story! :O)

It is quite funny -well, I'd rather say scary- how French and German people despise each other sometimes with regard to work. 

I have dealt with both separately and 

a) German guys  

"French people are not prepared [...], they finish their university studies quite early [...], they come here (to Luxembourg) and with their arrogant behaviour, they start working and progress quite fast, [...], they oversell themselves to other French guys to progress faster... now they are against German people... now that in France things are not quite well they are invading us... " --> UNBELIEVABLE!

b) French guys

"German people are so narrowminded, [...] they always think they're right!, [...] they do not accept the fact that education in France is quite good, [...] they are slow.. because their solutions at work require a lot of time, [...] German people are behaving as they used to do before the II-WW [...]." --> UNBELIEVABLE!!

I see this as a "third party" and I realize the fact that we, Spanish, are considered worse by both of them.. Indeed I commented this issue with a colleague from Tunisia and he replied

"Come on!!!, are you kidding me?? It's even worse for me. According to them I come from Africa.

Scary, isn't it?

Oct 13, 2012

1 YEAR!!


It's been a year since I rented my flat, which I call -my petit grand palace-, and became "citizen" :)

I can't believe it. It has passed so quickly. It means that I am getting older & older in the same speed and I don't even realize it. Maybe it's the real time to buy the hairtonic and the BMW coupé cabriolet.... !


Oct 9, 2012

Charming, beautiful..

I have been in Italy during my holidays and I realized the fact, again, that we tend to mis-use the words beautiful and charming.

What I mean is that for instance, Luxembourg is beautiful, because if we are objective, what we see here is quite beautiful, but it is a "cold" beauty that doesn't pull us towards it (when I say cold, I am not talking about the weather!! ;O) ). However, Italy can be beautiful and charming.

For instance, I was in Agrigento looking for a restaurant, and though Agrigento is beautiful and charming, there were many streets around Via Atenea with stairs, where the restaurants have many terraces.

If we are objective, these streets are not beautiful: it's the back facade of beautiful buildings, there are trash cans and even if we come closer, the smell is like cats. 

But the way these restaurants set the tables: the table clothes, the candles, the umbrellas.. ends up with a quite charming and attractive result.

I am missing this from Italy and Spain.. the charm!!!.

Please find an example of "charming + beautiful" :)

Take care! 

Oct 8, 2012

Being Spanish: recurrent topics


I am sick of this. I don't know whether I've published it already or not.. but people keep repeating the same stupid questions.

"hey! where do you come from???"

"from Spain"

-and then, they look at you as if your life was miserable-

"ohhhhh, and how can you stand this weather??"


What I said: SICK OF IT!

And by the way, the weather in Lux is not that bad.


Dear all, 

I am writing and writing only having in mind that I AM DELAYED. This is not pleasant anymore !!! :P

The post of today, is to mention that in summer, in Luxembourg takes place the Schueberfouer.

It is located at Glacis park and it's the biggest fair in Luxembourg. It is 672 years old (which is quite a lot!). Founded in 1340 by John the blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, it starts on the eve of the feast of St. Bartholomew.

It has changed during the years and today it is a charming feast with attractions for kids, improvised biergartens and raffles. 

The funny thing is that, since Luxembourg is a rich place, apparently the worst price you can have is a huge flat screen TV!!! :O)