Oct 17, 2012

French people vs German people

True story! :O)

It is quite funny -well, I'd rather say scary- how French and German people despise each other sometimes with regard to work. 

I have dealt with both separately and 

a) German guys  

"French people are not prepared [...], they finish their university studies quite early [...], they come here (to Luxembourg) and with their arrogant behaviour, they start working and progress quite fast, [...], they oversell themselves to other French guys to progress faster... now they are against German people... now that in France things are not quite well they are invading us... " --> UNBELIEVABLE!

b) French guys

"German people are so narrowminded, [...] they always think they're right!, [...] they do not accept the fact that education in France is quite good, [...] they are slow.. because their solutions at work require a lot of time, [...] German people are behaving as they used to do before the II-WW [...]." --> UNBELIEVABLE!!

I see this as a "third party" and I realize the fact that we, Spanish, are considered worse by both of them.. Indeed I commented this issue with a colleague from Tunisia and he replied

"Come on!!!, are you kidding me?? It's even worse for me. According to them I come from Africa.

Scary, isn't it?

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